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$8 Million

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Adam Twelve is an American performing duet who shares a net worth of $8 million. Pete Malloy and Jim Reed are the two performers who became known as Adam 12 after starring within an eponymously named police play in the late 1960s. The show was really on the basis of the professional experiences of Malloy and Reed, LAPD policemen, all in a effort to get the American public acquainted using a normal day in the life span of a police officer in the most realistic manner.

Adam Twelve Net Worth $8 Million Dollars

When it comes to name of the show, Adam 12, it is derived from Malloy and Reed’s patrol unit, 1-Adam 12, where they rode the roads of la. The police couple experienced the pinnacle of their stardom from September 21, 1968 through May 20, 1975, i.e., the interval when Adam12 initially ran. Produced by R. A. Cinader and Jack Webb, who’s known for creating Dragnet, the show captured a normal day in the life of a police officer as practically as possible. The show ran from 1968 through 1975, and helped introduce police processes and jargon to most people in the United States of America. Each episode of the show covered a variety of events the policemen struck during a shift, in the awful to the little.

Nominations:TV Land Favorite Heard But Not Seen Character Award, Primetime Emmy Award for Best Music Composition - Special Program, 24. Something Worth Dying For, 22. Dana Hall, 21. Gus Corbin, 24. Something Worth Dying For, 22. Dana Hall, 21. Gus Corbin

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