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Aliko Dangote net worth is
$21.6 Billion

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Talking about his profession, he’s the Chairman and CEO of the Dangote Group. His faith is Islam and was born into a wealthy Muslim family. The Dangote has one brother, Sani Dangote. His Dangote Group is disperse in various other areas like Benin, Cameroon, togo, Ghana, South Africa and Zambia. Aliko Dangote was born into a wealthy Muslim family and since he was young he’d his eyes simply on company and he said I can recall when I was in primary school, I’d go and purchase cartons of sweets and I might begin selling them simply to earn money.

Aliko Dangote Net Worth $25 Billion Dollars

He was so enthusiastic about company, even in those days. Talking about his schooling, he studied business at the Al-Azhar University in Caito, Egypt and he begin his company at only the age of 21 borrowing financing from his uncle. His business is the only black man that’s so affluent and is in the list of Forbes. The state is rich in hydrocarbon, which would be another measure of Aliko to take the gain from your scenario. Dangote group was created in the year 1977 and is today a multi-trillion Naira conglomerate with lots of businesses. Not only the cement and food processing places, Dangote Group additionally controls the sugar market in Nigeria and is an important sugar provider in the state. It provides sugar to various other businesses like soft drink companies, breweries and confectioners. In the year 2012, his business rent an abandoned piece of land at the Apapa port to construct his flour business there. The Dangote Group is the biggest refinery company in the state and is the main provider of sugar. It’s reported that, the refinery is the biggest in African and third biggest in the world which generates about. 800,000 tonnes of sugar per annum which is actually a breakthrough work. Apart from these sugar refinery, lets move to his other units. Dangote group also possesses a flour mill that’s an important importer of rice, fish, pasta, cement and fertilizer. Talking about his other enterprises, Dangaote has important investments in property, banking, transportation, fabrics and petroleum and gasoline. This will be shocking to understand that, Dangote group alone workers over 11,000 individuals and is the biggest industrial conglomerate in the whole of West Africa. Dangote group has additionally entered in various other works and began assembling 14,000 kilometers of fibre optic cables to provide the whole of Nigeria. Aliko isn’t unaffected by the politics, as every large guy is into politics so is he. Aliko played an essential part in financing of Olusegun Obasanjos reelection bid in the year 2003. This ste increase his net worth even more as politics always bring money at house. So, his business brought in N200 million in the effort. But his business also contributed his N200 million to the presidential library that’s from his heart to reveal the support.

Awards and Accomplishments: Aloko Dangote was ranked as the 23rd most affluent man on earth by the Forbes Magazine in Africa. Aliko Dangote is a multi-billionaire of the age. Aliko was born into a wealthy Muslim family and his grandpa made a fortune in the 1990s exporting peanuts to Europe. Aliko started the Dangote Group in the year 1997 and over the last 35 years the firm has grown to an amazing rapid speed. This will be astonishing to understand that, in the year 2013, The Dangote Group brought in just under $21 Billion in revenue. It’s understood that Nigeria is the 13th biggest petroleum producing nation on the planet but only due to the inferior infrastructure and larceny the resources will not be used that much. Aliko Dangote only at that point has determined to alter this by constructing a state of the art multi- billion dollar refinery business around Nigeria.

Quick Facts

Birth date: April 10, 1957 age 58
Birth place: Kano, Nigeria
Profession:Businessperson, Entrepreneur
Education:Al-Azhar University
Children:Halima Dangote
Parents:Mohammed Dangote, Hajia Mariya Sanusi Dantata
Siblings:Sani Dangote

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