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Arthur Steven Lange popularly called Artie Lange is a well-known comic, an American celebrity, a radio personality and an author of two well-known novels. He’s well known for his tenure and his comedy show. He’s recognized for his various kinds of humor like Observational humor, improvisational comedy etc. His dad Arthur Lange was of American ancestry and a contractor by profession. Artie did his education from Union high school and was quite fond of baseball in his school times. Artie constantly imagined becoming an effective baseball player.

Artie Lange Net Worth $12 Million Dollars

But when he grew up, he acquired a passion for making folks laugh which prompted him to take up this profession as a comic. Artie consistently spent his leisure time helping his father in work. His dad got injured after a collision and his mom had to work to earn for your family. In the year began dating his girlfriend named Dana Cironi. Their relationship failed to survive a long time and lange declared the break up in the year 2006. His favourite group is The Who. Lange regards George Carlin as the greatest comic ever. He’s also declared to be an addict of substances like heroin. In the year 2010 the famous comedian had also tried suicide. Lange afterwards announced his betrothal with his long time girlfriend Adrienne on July 15, 2013. In the early 1990s his father left his occupation of longshoreman and began playing a part in a restaurant in New Jersey. His Father first performed as a comic at 19 years old. After sometime he was chosen by William Morris Agency. In May 1995 sometime got a golden opportunity to shoot his television show MADTv in La. This is a comedy show that was decided by Fox network. In the consecutive year 1982 langes got linked to the show The Howard Stern Show. After it langes came in the great books of all in relation to radio and E network shows. The primary purpose of the show was to amuse the troops of U.S. that were posted in Afghanistan. The famous comedian had a team of comics like Jim Florentine, Nick Dipaolo and Dave Attell. Artie also played a lead part in the movie Beer League in 2006. This publication tells about Langes life and his journey from his youth to his USO trip. This publication was notified as the finest in the New York Times bestseller list. Langes released his second novel Crash and Burn in 2013. In this novel he’s disclosed many narratives associated with his life like his suicide effort and dependence to substances.

He’s made appearances in various movies like Rescue me, Old School and mystery Guy also. In the year 2012 langes played the part of a truck driver in Louie. He’s the hottest comic on the list of masses and now the host of The Artie Lange Show. This show has created a sizeable fan base , and it has become quite well-known. His well known show The Howard Stern Show was so much enjoyed that it continued for nearly an extended time i.e. five years. His two novels Too Fat to Fish and Crash and Burn were rated full of the list of New York Times bestseller. The Comedian has also created his own concert named The Whiskey Talkin. The Comedian won an award for his short film Gameday that has been written and created by him. The Comedian is a well-known and well-known comic who’s known to have a net worth of around twelve million dollars. The Comedian has a yearly salary of two million dollars. In his well-known shoe MADTv he brought in about 10 thousand dollars weekly. His well-known show The Norm show made him bring in 35 thousand dollars weekly. The Comedian had done his best bargain for making two nightclub encounters which paid him 1,40,000 dollars for two shows.

Famous Quotations: Don’t do drugs to be trendy, because you despise yourself. Howards unbelievably nutty, politically incorrect fashion may be the single largest influence on me. When God asked me I’m good with the card I got.

Quick Facts

Birth date: October 11, 1967
Birth place: Livingston, New Jersey, United States
Height:5 ft 8 in (1.75 m)
Profession:Comedian, Actor, Film Producer, Radio personality, Screenwriter, Taxi driver, Author
Education:Connecticut School of Broadcasting, Seton Hall University
Nationality:United States of America
Parents:Judy Caprio, Arthur Sr. Lange
Siblings:Stacy Lange
Movies:Artie Lange's Beer League, Dirty Work, Old School, Elf, Lost & Found, The Bachelor, Boat Trip, Mystery Men, Perfect Opposites, Waltzing Anna, The 4th Floor, Shriek If You Know What I Did Last Friday the Thirteenth, Supertwink, Serial Buddies, God Has a Rap Sheet, Mail Order Bride, Puppet, Artie Lange: It's the Whiskey Talkin', Gameday
TV shows:"The Artie Lange Show" (2011-2014), "Artie Lange's Beer League" (2006), "Howard Stern on Demand" (2005-), The Norm Show (1999-2001), "Dirty Work" (1998), “MADtv”, “The Improv”
Books:Too Fat to Fish, Crash and Burn

Interesting Facts

1Sidekick/Writer on the Nationally syndicated The Howard Stern Radio Show (1998). [June 2002]
2Has frequently joked about his bad luck with movies, naming "Mystery Men" (where he has a small role in the beginning) as his worst film, he claims his mother and sister called him from the movie theater to ask if he had any other scenes because they wanted to leave.
3Autobiography "Too Fat To Fish," featuring a foreword by Howard Stern, debuted at number one on the New York Times Bestseller List.
4Followed comedian George Carlin, whom he considers to be the all-time greatest, during his first ever talk show appearance on "The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn." He immediately said "it's easy to follow the funniest guy, ever!".
5Has said that Richard Lewis's specials in the 1980s were what inspired him to become a stand-up comedian.
6Known for his impersonations of Notorious B. I. G., Anne Murray, Brian Johnson, the Iron Sheik, Henry Hill, Larry Flint and numerous others.
7Contrary to popular belief, he had not met either David Spade or Norm MacDonald prior to making films with them; he has, however, become close friends with them in the years since.
8Both he and his predecessor, Jackie Martling, appear in the 2003 film Mail Order Bride, though they have no scenes together.
9Claims he has seen The Godfather (1972) so many times that he can recite the entire movie. When director Francis Ford Coppola visited The Howard Stern Show on June 8, 2009, Stern asked Coppola to request a scene from The Godfather for Artie to recite, he chose the scene between Michael Corleone and Carlo Rizzi before Rizzi's assassination. Lange performed the scene with only two minor errors and was applauded by Coppola and the cast. He later compared the experience to "singing Born To Run for Springsteen.".
10Had a small role in Jerry Maguire (1996) but his scene was deleted.
11Is of Italian, German and American Indian descent.
12At Howard Stern's now-defunct official bulletin board, there were more members with user names created in his honor than any other regular on the show, including Stern himself. Among those named after the comedian were Artie Lange dead at 37, Artie Lange's Liver, Artie's Dead Dad and Filthy Drunk Artie.
13[August 21, 2003] The results of a DNA test taken on the Howard Stern (1994) Show, show that Lange is 1/4 American Indian. He is Neapolitan Italian on his mother's side, but his father's full heritage has always been a "grey area". He had only previously known of his German ancestry on that side of his family.
14His indulgences in food and alcohol provide almost daily comic fodder for the rest of the Howard Stern (1994) cast. There are few foods high in calories, fat, carbohydrates, salt or sugar that Artie doesn't eat in excess and his drunken exploits are legendary. Mr. Lange maintains a good sense of humour about his shortcomings, and enjoys his role as comic foil on the show.
15Has become one of the favorite members of The Howard Stern Show (1990) during his now six-year stint as Jackie Martling's replacement.
16Was an All-County baseball player, as a third baseman for Union High School in Union, New Jersey
17Avid fan of the New York Yankees.
18Joined The Howard Stern Radio Show (1998) in 2001, replacing Jackie Martling.

Net Worth & Salary

The Howard Stern Radio Show (1998)$450,000


1Sarcastic catchphrase "Waaah!"
2Darkly funny stories about his personal life
3Impressions of Italians and Southerners


1I was born in 1967, so when you tell me the guy who won the decathlon in 1976 is becoming a woman, just give me four seconds to adjust. That's all I want. I'm not in the Klan, I want the guy to be happy. But if I roll my eyes a little bit, young people say 'what, do you hate him?' No! Just, give me a couple of seconds! That's all I need.
2The Godfather Trilogy box set is the perfect party because you can watch One and Two, then do coke off of Three!
3There's a lot of things I used to say both in my personal and professional life that I find embarrassing and I'm ashamed of and I'm dead honest about that. Stuff like the word "faggot;" on my first DVD, I use it a lot, I use the n-word because I'm telling a story and it's in a context that, to me, is not offensive. A lot of black people and gay people have said they're not offended by it at all because it's funny, but I look back and judge it on my own... I think we live in a more enlightened generation now and, absolutely, I think twice before I say things. If someone came to me and told me that something I said caused some kid to commit suicide, I'd be in a nuthouse for the rest of my life, I really would. I don't think of myself as a bigoted, mean person, I think of myself as trying to be funny and I always had an attitude where "as long as it's funny, it's not offensive" and a lot of great comics think that. I think we're living in a more enlightened time now where you should think twice about certain things because, ultimately, you're talking about people... I still am proud of a lot of my work but I certainly wouldn't do some of the things that I used to do. Now if some people don't want to accept that and don't want to forgive me for stuff that I might've said before, I promise you it wasn't done hate, but that's your prerogative and I'm not going to argue with you, you're entitled to that opinion. But the kid asked a good question: I certainly think twice about it, I know a lot of comics that do, just about language in general. I was always somebody coming from a blue collar neighborhood and I never went to college and I worked on the port as a longshoreman where those words were thrown around like crazy and I always consider myself having a thick skin. But you get older and you hopefully get more compassionate. Look, I still make jokes about every group of people that there are, I'm not going to be a hypocrite, here. But there's things, like, in "It's The Whisky Talkin'", two guys get up from their chairs to go to the bathroom, and I'm drunk by the end of that, and I said "where are you going, faggots?" It gets a huge laugh just because its a throwaway line, I wouldn't do that now. I mean, if it's in the right context it can be funny, but I wouldn't use it at all now, on the off chance, maybe they were gay or maybe a gay person hears that and says "wow, that brings up something horrible" and I think I should have more responsibility than that at this point in my life. I'm older and wiser and more enlightened. So I do try to keep myself in check, without question.
4[on techno music] When you're on that ecstasy shit, this sounds like "Hey Jude".
5[on Clay Aiken's fans' negative reaction to his coming out of the closet] That just shows you how immature they are. I was like 28 when I found out Elton John was gay and I didn't care, I kept buying his albums.
6[on his drug and alcohol addiction] I wish I was this dark genius artist - like Richard Pryor or something. There's that story about how Eric Clapton saw Jimi Hendrix play, and he supposedly went home and cried because he could never be that good. I would never do anything that fruity, but I can relate to that. I wish I was as great as other guys, and that sucks. So I get the blues, and I self-medicate.
7[on John Belushi] He was so powerful on SNL that every sketch show since then needs a Belushi guy. I was the Belushi guy on MADtv.
8[His opinion of Howard Stern's Wack Pack] There's times when it's heartbreaking to see some of the people get on the air and speak about their lives. This is a very difficult subject because the one argument is you're giving some sort of wonderful gift to these people that their becoming mini-celebrities. Beetlejuice is an example, he's a retarded, black midget who drinks all the time and has got bad teeth. The guy's a rock star, he makes over six figures a year doing appearances because the show made him famous and I really think he's having a good time with it; he seems happy, he seems to like the attention and all the partying and everything. Whereas, without that his life would be lonely and pathetic and everything. Now, that's me justifying what we do, that's the positive argument. He could go home and have really dark, dark times thinking about 'oh, their laughing at me and I'm being exploited.' But he gets paid a lot of money and the people that handle him seem to be good, honest people and I hope that they take care of him. But look, we don't see him 24 hours a day, he seems to be fine with it. But if I knew that one of these people that comes on our show all the time was really hurting about it and felt exploited and was sad; to be honest with you, that would really make me upset and I would question having them on again if that were the case. I genuinely think that the people that come on our show enjoy it, enjoy the attention and I think it enriches their lives that would have been really boring, mundane and, for lack of a better word, horrible without this love.
9I had a job that people in this business would absolutely kill for on the sitcom I was on, I was working with one of my best friends. Laurie Metcalf was in the cast, really talented people on the Warner Brothers lot in LA. I was a supporting character making 35 grand a week, some weeks I'd have two lines. I had a job making 35 grand a week where I didn't have to take anything to work; I didn't have a briefcase or a piece of paper. I had ridiculously lame, easy jokes to memorize; like the jokes on that show would be I'd go to Norm MacDonald and say 'Are you thinking what I'm thinking?' and he'd say 'No, I'm not thinking of cheeseburgers,' then I'd make a face like 'oh, you got me' and then I'd walk out and then I'd get 35 grand on a Friday. So I had a convertible Mercedes, I was living in a four-thousand dollar a month condo on Willshire and Beverly Hills, I was healthy, I was thin, I had a tan. Even with that life, creatively I was empty inside, I couldn't stand it, after two years I had to get out of there, I was going crazy pulling the hairs out of my head.
10[on Howard Stern] Howard's unbelievably nutty, politically incorrect style is probably the single biggest influence on me.
11The Howard Stern Show is a big hit because it entertains dumb and smart people at the same time for different reasons. There's a couple of shows like that, The Simpsons is another one, smart people and stupid people love The Simpsons for totally different reasons; that's why it's a big hit, everybody's either smart or stupid so a lot of people watch it. Our show, smart people and stupid people love it for different reasons and early on in my career I made a commitment to myself; I refuse to cater to stupid people. What we do on the air is just try to be funny and hope that the smart people listen more than the dumb people.
12I was in five movies that got a total of four stars from The Daily News. And the reviews of "Beer League" were nothing compared to "Dirty Work." The review in my home town paper, The Star Ledger, said that I "had all the charm of a date rapist." I felt really bad about that, then Norm [MacDonald]; he's trying to cheer me up, being totally serious; says "well, a date rapist has to have way more charm than a regular rapist!"
13I once dealt with a prima donna on a movie set. I won't say who, but his first name is a country. A communist country. Run by Fidel Castro.
14[on allegations of homophobia] I have gay friends, I support gay rights, I have nothing against the gay community, but when I see two guys kissing, I think it's gross. And, by the way, it's gross when 99% of straight people do it, too.
15It's a life of five-card draw, and you know what? When God asked me - I'm fine with the card I got. I'm gonna play this.
16Don't do drugs to be cool, do 'em because you hate yourself.


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