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Big L’s debut studio album is regarded as a Hip hop classic. It sol 2,00,000 copies. Big L was a well-known rapper from America. His actual name was Lamont Coleman. The MC was born on 30 May 1974 in Harlem, Ny. The MC started his rapping career with Three the Hard way. The MC first appeared in a Lord Finesse’s video. The MC released his first studio album, Lifestyle of the inferior and the dangerous, in 1995. The record gained the MC enormous underground popularity. Then he formed his own recording studio named Flamboyant records.

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Then he released among his most well-known singles ‘Ebonics’. After his departure, his second record was launched. The record was certified gold by RIIA. His father left the family when he was quite youthful. Big L received names like ‘Little L’ and ‘Mont Mont’ as a kid. The MC became interested in Hip Hop at an extremely young age and started freestyling. Big L went on to be featured in a tune by Lord Finesse. In high school, the MC was known for his rapping ability. In 1991, the MC formed a rap group named ‘Kids of the corn’. In the exact same year, the MC appeared on the MTV show, Yo MTV Raps. In 1992, the MC won an amateur freestyle battle which had over 2000 contestants. In 1993, he released his first single, ‘Demon’s son’. It turned out to be a horror core single. The MC released his first record, Lifestyles of the poor and the dangerous, in 1995. It was the #22 record on Hip Hop RnB graphs. The record sold more than 2,00,000 copies. The record gave Big L some mainstream focus at the same time. The MC was afterwards dropped from Columbia due to a dispute. His record got an acclaim in the critics. In 1997, the MC began his own recording label, Flamboyant records. The MC released a single named ‘Ebonics’. Source named it among the finest independent singles of the year. The MC captured the focus of Roc-a-fella records and was in discussions to sign a deal. But in 1999 Big L was killed in a drive-by shooting, just like Biggie and Tupac. The MC was supposedly killed due to a rift his brother had with among the gangster groups of The Big Apple. After his departure, an record ‘The Big Picture’ was released. It featured many famous people like Fat Joe, Guru, Kool G rap and Big Daddy Kane. It received an acclaim in the critics wit praise gong towards the creation and Big L’s lyrical skill.

His records fared a decent run on the billboard charts. His rapping enterprises were his prime income source. Though, after his passing many records were released and a large sum of money was brought in through them. Big L would have been among the best rappers ever, had he lived. The MC had impeccable rapping abilities. His lyrics were quite sharp. His flow was compact. The MC is known for his wonderful one liners like “If my girl think I am true, then that bitch is a victim.” or ” You can not kill me, I was born dead.” Let’s investigate several collectibles of Big L. Big L’s debut studio album is regarded as a Hip hop classic. His first posthumous record, The Big Picture. The went to sell over a million copies and was certified gold by RIIA.

Famous Quotations by Big L:
“The MC got drug areas from ny to canada. Cause huge l be fuckin’ with more keys than a janitor”
“Is every team’s vision; Big L’s a lotion fiend.”
“How you make out, you took the fake course, you oughta break out You could not get a bitch before you set your tape out.”
“Springsteen” flip quickly on foes with wonderful amazing flows. L is the rebel kind, I am rough as a metal conduit. Theatrical Props, Springsteen” got the most, no MC comes close. Coast to coast, reveals Springsteen” host, foes I roast. Adios, I am phantom.”
“Keep a vest G, do not attempt to analyze me. A reddish neck police chief attempted to detain me. Ayo that was not a clever policeman Because I place 2 in his torso and his mom fucking heart ceased. Robberies I did nicely, when you look in the dictionary under villain you will see a picture of Big L.”




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