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Blake Griffin net worth is
$30 Million

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Blake Griffin is among the most successful players in NBA and he’s also regarded among the millionaires of the league, since the total number of Blake Griffin net worth has been promised to achieve 6.5 million dollars. Now, Blake Griffin is understood to be playing for the team of Los Angeles Clippers. This team is among the most significant sources of Blake Griffin net worth, which continues to be said to add 5.3 million dollars to his net worth every year.

Blake Griffin Net Worth $65 Million Dollars

When he was studying in high school, Blake Griffin was a huge star in his basketball team, that was trained by his dad, Tommy Griffin. His father also led his high school basketball team to a few state tournaments.

During his first season, he suffered a knee injury, which kept him from playing the entire 2002010 season. In the next season, Blake Griffin began his profession as a rookie. In this season, Blake Griffin was titled as the All Star and additionally became the victor of the Slam Dunk Contest in 2011.

When his father was admitted to the University of Oklahoma, he continued to play basketball, at the same time. Yet, after two years, Blake Griffin left college to be able to participate in the NBA Draft of 2009. Blake Griffin was selected as the first overall pick by Los Angeles Clippers team, which began to collect Blake Griffin net worth, at the same time.

His father is regarded among the greatest basketball players of his generation, at the same time, which could also been shown by a tremendous Blake Griffin net worth. His dad was also totally involved into basketball and was playing for his university’s team and afterwards became the trainer, who additionally trained is own son. Additionally, Blake Griffin along with his brother were home schooled by their mom. Additionally, Blake Griffin’s dad was an owner of a health club, where Blake Griffin and his brother were trained, at the same time.

Quick Facts

Birth date: March 16, 1989
Birth place: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States
Height:6 ft 9 in (2.08 m)
Weight:251 lbs (114 kg)
Profession:Athlete, Basketball player
Nationality:United States of America
Children:Ford Wilson Cameron-Griffin
Parents:Tommy Griffin, Gail Griffin
Siblings:Taylor Griffin

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