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David Merlini net worth is
$3 Million

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David Merlini is a Hungarian getaway artist he has a net worth of $3 million. David Merlini has got his net worth from his unique performances that he has additionally composed, designed, directed, and performed. He was born in Budapest in October 1978; David currently lives in Monte Carlo. Merlini has performed several high-tech dangerous stunts for example being launched plus a SCUD missile, embedded in a block of solid concrete afterward thrown in a river, or frozen with liquid nitrogen. In both 2004 and 2005 David Merlini’s live TV shows broke all current ratings records.

David Merlini Net Worth $3 Million Dollars

Some more of David Merlini’s successful and audacious getaways include; being welded in a steel perforated carton, after being chained and padlocked. The box was then lowered in the Danube; he freed himself within 3 minutes. Afterwards in 2000 David was strapped in a special submerged straitjacket along with his ankles fastened by handcuffs, padlocks and enormous lead weights. He jumps into the tremendous clear tank of water along with six tiger sharks; it only took him 2:30 minutes to free himself.

Quick Facts

Birth date: 1978, Budapest, Hungary
Birth place: Budapest

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