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Donald Goines net worth was
$500 Thousand

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Donald Goines Net Worth $500,000

Donald Goines Net Worth: Donald Goines was an African American writer who had a net worth of $500,000. Goines composed urban fiction and his novels were significantly affected by the task of Iceberg Slim. He was sent to prison many times for offenses including pimping and thieving to support his habit. While serving in Michigan’s Jackson Penitentiary Goines began composing. He composed at an accelerated rate to support his drug addictions also to prevent perpetrating offenses. He also authored the four component Kenyatta series below the pseudonym Al C. Clark. His novel Crime Partners was become a film in 2001 and his 2004 novel Never Die Alone was released in 2004 and starred DMX. Donald Goines and his common law wife passed away on October 21, 1974 as due to a murder. Goines was 37 years old.

Quick Facts

Birth date: December 15, 1938
Death date: 1974-10-04
Birth place: Detroit, Michigan, USA
Children:Patrick Goines
Parents:Myrtle Goines, Joseph Goines
Movies:Never Die Alone, Crime Partners

Interesting Facts

1Shot to death along with his wife in what some think may have been a botched drug deal.
2Major influence, along with his literary forefather Iceberg Slim, on gangta rap.




Never Die Alone2004novel "Never Die Alone"
Crime Partners2003novel "Crime Partners" - originally published under the pseudonym Al C. Clark

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