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Eric Koston net worth is
$15 Million

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It’s been said the total approximation of Eric Koston net worth is 15 million dollars. This kind of tremendous net worth of his has been amassed through his career as an expert skateboarder. Eric Koston was additionally featured in video games of Tony Hawk. Also, eric was additionally a part of other game titles, like Skate 2 and Skate 3.
Talking about eric as an owner of firms, as such, he’s co-founded a famous clothing company called “Fourstar Clothing”, which he created with Guy Mariano.

Eric Koston Net Worth $15 Million Dollars

Thus, these engagements may also be regarded as significant sources of Eric Koston net worth. But when he was still small he went to reside to America, where he was raised in California. In 1986, Eric Koston became interested into skateboarding and began practicing this sport, which also finally became among the primary sources of his popularity along with Eric Koston net worth.

In 1993, Eric Koston began to be handled as a professional skateboarder. In exactly the same year, eric got sponsorship and was promoted by them. The first board patron which he received was H Street firm. The corporation is considered to be possessed by Mike Ternasky and Tony Magnusson. But after some years, Eric Koston quit working with the corporation.

Afterwards, he joined a team called Girl. As part of it, Eric Koston started to appear in videos, like “Pretty Sweet”, “Yeah Right” and “Goldfish”. As part of the team, he also appeared in some videos, like “Fully Flared”. Next team, Eric Koston became an associate of the team called Nike SB. So, all these memberships in the mentioned teams additionally raised the overall estimate of Eric Koston net worth.

Quick Facts

Birth date: April 29, 1975
Birth place: Bangkok, Thailand
Height:5 ft 10 in (1.8 m)
Weight:161 lbs (73 kg)
Profession:Film Producer, Actor, Skateboarder
Spouse:Ashlee Gaston
Children:June Marie Koston
Parents:Bob Koston, Wanida Koston
Siblings:Chris Koston, Eileen Koston
Awards:Thrasher Skater of the Year, Tampa Pro Street
Movies:Yeah Right!, Fully Flared, Point Break, On Video Skate: Spring 2001, 411VM Presents: 10 Years of Skateboarding

Interesting Facts

1Fliming Skate footage (Fliming Mission) in Athens, Greece, April 4 - April 13. After that he (and the éS team) will head to Barcelona, Spain. [April 2005]
2He and team rider P.J. Ladd are going on a "fliming mission" in Tokyo, Japan to film for a new Fourstar video called "Super Champion Funzone." They also will be doing a signing in Shibuya and a demo in Shinjuku. [May 2005]
3Is on a three-week Fourstar Tour from May 8th -- 30th in Japan filming a Fourstar limited-edition video. [May 2005]
4Is touring in Hong Kong filming a skateboarding video due later this year. [January 2005]
5After 10 years, he left éS footwear Co. [31 March 2006]
6Has been a participant in skateboarding since 1986 and a competitor since 1991.
7Took 7th place at the 2005 X-Games Street Competition on 4 August 2005.
8Each winner that won Eric Koston's Game Of S.K.A.T.E. tour - Eric would call the winners and congratulate them personally. [July 2005]
9Invented the "Game Of S.K.A.T.E."
10Is an active Skateboarder, Golfer and Basketball player.
11Fan of the LA Lakers
12Shares birthdays with: Uma Thurman, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Daniel Day-Lewis.
13Received a General Equivalency Diploma (GED) when he was 19.
14Has 3 dogs: Ash, Tiger (Golden Lab and German Shepherd) and Rocket (Teacup Chihuahua) [April 2005]
15Has two dogs: Tiger and Rocket
16Has his own line of Skateboard Decks
17Being fans - a Vancouver couple named their baby "Koston" after him.
18Won the 1995 PSL Street Finals and the 1996 and 2002 Tampa Pro
19Named Thrasher magazine's Skater Of The Year for 1996 and 2001
20Has his own line of Skateboarding shoes.
21Because he couldn't complete the rest of the tour dates for "Tony Hawk's 2002 Gigantic Skatepark Tour" - Koston was replaced by skater Willy Santos.
22Not only is "Seinfeld" hiss favorite TV show, he also shares the same birthday with comic-actor Jerry Seinfeld.
23Invented the "One-Footed K-Grind" The "K" is short for Koston.
24When on time off from skating, he is also an active golfer.
25His girlfriend's name is Ashlee
26Has a dog named Tiger
27Took 5th place in the 2004 X-Games Street Competition [August 5-7, 2004]
28Dropped out of school in the 10th grade.
29Invented the skateboarding trick called "The K-Grind" which is short for "The Koston-Grind".
30His favorite skateboarding trick is the "Fandangle"
31One of the skateboarders that inspired him into skateboarding was Mark Gonzalez
32Won Gold in the Gravity Games Street Competition for 2000, 2001 and 2002.
33Born in Bangkok, Thailand, but grew up in San Bernardino, California.
34Took 4th place at The 2003 Gravity Games [September 15th, 2003]
35Won The 2003 X-Games Street Competition [August 10th, 2003]
36Threw the opening pitch at the L.A. Dodgers Baseball game on August 6th, 2003
37Was named Trasher Magazine's 2001 "Skateboarder of the Year"
38Was booed at the at the 2003 X-Games Global Championship in San Antonio, Texas for wearing an LA Lakers jersey.
39Took first place at the 2003 X-Games Global Championship (May- 2003)
40Sister: Eileen
41Brother: Chris
42Appeared on MTV's Cribs on February 16th, 2003.
43Appeared on: "Tonk Hawks Trick Tips: 2"
44Apeared in Andrew W K's music video: "We Want Fun", as one of the skaters.
45Appeared on: "Jackass: Backyard Bar-B-Q Special"
46Is co-owner of "FourStar" clothing.


1Invented the skateboarding tricks: "K-Grind" and the "One-Footed K-Grind"
2Has a scar on the left side of his forehead


1The progression of skateboarding seems to be getting more technical with a flip into a slide then a flip back out as well as going down bigger rails and down more stairs. I like to do all that stuff, especially when it feels good. I don't stick myself into one type of style, I would get bored with that.
2My body can't really take the abuse of three solid days of pounding. Competitions are fun sometimes, but they wear on me. A semi-final, to me, is just a waste of time, because you're going to see those people do the same tricks again. It gets repetitive and starts to lose its appeal. Contests are just too drawn-out. When you're worn-out, you don't want to put any more effort into slamming your body on the ground than you already have.
3I just kick a heelflip out - frontside 180, jump in the air and pray.
4The most fun Contest was the 2001 Slam City Jam-the one everyone got ripped-off at.
5My most memorable demos? All the ones I do with Rick McCrank. He just goes nuts, so people forget I'm there - it makes it easier for me to hide.
6Doing the Fandangle trick...well, it's the most elusive maneuver ever to be done on a skateboard. So, I can't really expose the secret, sorry.
7All I wanna do is skate the rails and the curbs. That's it!
8It's crazy how these kids look up to you. They watch every trick you do, listen to every word you say, go out and buy your skateboards, your shoes, your T-shirts, because your name is on them -- they admire you and they look up to you. Everything I am is because of these kids. They look to skaters like me and they are the future of skateboarding. I won't lie, it's cool.
9What has been the biggest change in my sport since I started? Ummm....Popularity. It's been insane and fun!
10I never thought I would be making the money I do and traveling like I do because of skateboarding. It all just happened.




Point Break2015Cameo Chalet
The Aquabats! Super Show!2013TV SeriesJournalist #2
Skate 32010Video Game



Fully Flared2007Video documentary executive producer



Ultimate X: The Movie2002Documentary short footage



Knife Fight2013TV SeriesHimself - Timekeeper / Professional Skateboarder
The Motivation2013DocumentaryHimself
Pretty Sweet2012Documentary
Jackass 3D2010DocumentaryHimself
Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory2009TV SeriesHimself
Maloof Money Cup2008TV MovieHimself
Fully Flared2007Video documentary
The Global Assault!!!2006TV MovieHimself
Rising Son: The Legend of Skateboarder Christian Hosoi2006DocumentaryHimself
Super Champion Funzone2005Video documentary
Trippin2005TV Series documentaryHimself
Tony Hawk's Underground 22004Video GameHimself / Skater (voice)
Yeah Right!2003VideoHimself
Tony Hawk's Underground2003Video GameHimself
Cribs2003TV SeriesHimself
Harsh Euro Barge2002Video documentary
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 42002Video GameHimself (voice)
Jackass: The Movie2002DocumentaryHimself
Gigantic Skate Park Tour: Summer 20022002TV MovieHimself / Skater
Menikmati2002Video documentaryHimself
Jackass Backyard BBQ2002TV Movie documentaryHimself / Guest
Op King of Skate2002Video documentary
Ultimate X: The Movie2002Documentary shortHimself / Footage
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 32001Video GameHimself
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 22000Video GameHimself
Mouse1997Video documentary short

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