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Jim Iyke net worth is
$30 Million

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Jim Iyke Net Worth $30 Million Dollars

Jim Iyke net worth: Jim Iyke is a Nigerian celebrity that has a net worth of $30 million dollars. He’s a well-known performer in the Nigerian film industry, also called Nollywood. Jim is the sole lad and has seven sisters. He graduated in the University of Jos, Plateau State. Since then he’s appeared in more than 150 pictures. In 2007 he began the movie production company Untamed Productions and contains also began his own music label Untamed Records. Iyke made the record Who Am I? which featured Nigeria’s top musicians. He was involved with a contentious deliverance in the Church Of countries which went viral on social networking. Iyke founded the Jim Iyke Foundational for Kids with Special Disabilities. He’s dating actress Nadia Buari.

Quick Facts

Birth date: September 25, 1976
Birth place: Libreville, Gabon
Height:1.8 m
Partner:Nadia Buari (2014–)
Children:Harvis Chidubem Iyke
Parents:Stephen Okolue, Ngozi Gladys Okelue Esomugha
Movies:Last Flight to Abuja, Games Men Play, And Then There Was You, Stalker, Deadly Kiss 2, Between Kings and Queens, Deadly Kiss, Who Is the Man?, Heartbeats, Stronghold




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American Driver2017associate producer

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