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John Newton net worth was
$500 Thousand

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John Newton Net Worth $500 Thousand Dollars

John Newton net worth: John Newton is an American actor that has a net worth of $500 thousand. His complete birth name is John Haymes Newton. Even though he has worked on numerous TV and movement movies he’s chiefly known for his performances in the television series Superboy (1988) and on Melrose Place (1998-1989).

Before he could find work on TV or the films he spent almost four years playing and learning in theaters in New York City. He got his first break in 1988 when he was hired to play Clark Kent. Lyn Stalmaster, the casting mogul is the one that by chance spotted him and gave him that role. Because of the many changes the producers did to the show he was replaced through the next season. He was replaced by Gerard Christopher. Yet, as it turned out Superboy started his career as an actor.

Subsequently he became routine on the TV shows The Untouchables and Melrose Place. He worked on several motion pictures. In 2011, jointly along with his wife Jennifer worked on Robb Pratt’s animated movie “fan film Superman classic”. They got their voice to Clark and Luis respectively. His last movie is named “Evidence” and was released in 2013. There he played along Caitlin Stacey and Radha Mitchell. Nowadays, John lives together with his Wife Jennifer who works as an actor also and with whom he has one child. They have been married since October 7th till present day.

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Birth date: August 4, 1725, Wapping, United Kingdom
Death date: December 21, 1807, London, United Kingdom
Birth place: London
Profession:Writer, Author, Pastor, Cleric
Nationality:Kingdom of Great Britain




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