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Jonathan Hillstrand is an Alaskan commercial fishing boat captain with a net worth of $2.2 million. Jon Hillstrand has brought in his net worth as co-captain and co-owner, (along along with his brothers) of the crab fishing vessel the Time Bandit which is seen in the Discovery Channel reality show,Deadliest Catch. 3 years started fishing in the age of 7 and has been commercially fishing crab because the age of 17. 3 years is a NASCAR and NHRA enthusiast as well as a huge supporter of the Dallas Cowboys.

Johnathan Hillstrand net worth $2.2 Million Dollars

Johnathan Hillstrand is well known for being the practical joker in the boat. 3 years along with his brother Andy (who’s the co-Captain of the Time Bandit) appeared on a television advertisement for Geico Insurance and at one time were discussing a spin off show about their boat together with the Discovery Channel. Through the conclusion of filming Season 6, Hillstrand as well as other captains featured on the Deadliest Catch were sued by the Discovery Channel in a $3 million suit which nearly made them quit the show, meaning they might not be featured in Season 7. The guys were concerned during the period of the suit since they were under the belief the Discovery Channel had filmed everything they wanted, but the television executives said they still wanted pick-up photos. Adding added filming only at that time would have negatively effect the programs of the fishing vessels as well as the men set fishing first.

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