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Kurt Angle is a popular name in wrestling. It’s been estimated the total size of Kurt Angle net worth now reaches 20 million dollars. Before Kurt became a professional wrestler, he was a successful amateur wrestler, at the same time. This career can also be regarded as the one which has added most of monetary success to Kurt, and consequently, improved the total approximation of Kurt Angle net worth. Besides his work in wrestling, Kurt Angle is also called an occasional celebrity.

Kurt Angle Net Worth $20 Million Dollars

Now, it’s understood that he’s signed to the Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. Additionally, Kurt Angle can also be known for his wrestling career in World Wrestling Federation/Entertainment. Up currently, he’s also understood to function as only one professional wrestler who has attained this kind of title. So, seeing how much he’s attained in this sector, it’s not surprising that Kurt Angle net worth has also raised a lot.

When Kurt was studying in high school and after in faculty, Kurt Angle was already an amateur wrestler with lots of accomplishments already. When Kurt was studying at Clarion University of Pennsylvania, Kurt Angle became a victor of lots of awards, including a victor of National Collegiate Athletic Association Divison I. So, it was sure that Kurt Angle would reach a lot in wrestling business, which finally became the chief supply of his success along with Kurt Angle net worth.

USA Wrestling named Kurt Angle among the greatest wrestlers when discussing amateur school wrestling. Also, he’s also regarded as the greatest shoot wrestler on the market.

Quick Facts

Birth date: December 9, 1968
Birth place: Mt. Lebanon, Pennsylvania, United States
Height:6 ft (1.83 m)
Weight:231 lbs (105 kg)
Profession:Professional Wrestler
Education:Clarion University of Pennsylvania
Spouse:Giovanna Yannotti (m. 2012), Karen Jarrett (m. 1998–2008)
Children:Kyra Angle, Giuliana Marie Angle, Kody Angle, Sophia Laine Angle
Parents:Dave Angle, Jackie Angle
Siblings:Eric Angle, Le'Anne Angle
Movies:Warrior, Pain & Gain, Sharknado 2: The Second One, River of Darkness, Dylan Dog: Dead of Night, Death from Above, Pro Wrestlers vs Zombies, End Game, The Last Witch Hunter, Not Cool, Taboo Tuesday (2005), Vengeance (2005), Brock Lesnar: Here Comes the Pain, WWE: The Big Show: A Giant's World, New Year's Revolution (2006), Hard Justice 2007 (TV), WWE: Top 50 Superstars of All Time, WWE: The Videos: Vol. 1: Ramped Up, WWE: Summerslam 2000, WWE Tagged Classics 2003: No Way Out, Near Fall, Chains, Genesis, WWE: Summerslam 2003, WWE: Royal Rumble 2007, WWE: Armageddon 2002, WWE: No Way Out 2006, WWE: Judgment Day 2005, WWF: King of the Ring 2001, Final Resolution 2007 (TV), The True Story of WrestleMania: Vol. 3, Victory Road 2008 (TV), WWE: Armageddon 2004, Final Resolution 2009 (TV), No Surrender 2008 (TV), Turning Point 2007 (TV), WWE: Judgment Day 2002, $1, 000, 000 Tough Enough, TNA Wrestling: Hard Justice 2008, WWE: Unforgiven 2001, TNA Wrestling: Genesis 2007, WWE: Survivor Series 2003: A Fall from Grace, WWE: Armageddon 2003, WWE: No Mercy 2001
TV shows:ECW, ECW Hardcore TV, Saturday Night's Main Event, WWE SmackDown, Impact Wrestling, WWE Pay-Per-View, ECW Pay-Per-View

Interesting Facts

1Will face _Shawn Michaels_ at Wrestlemania 21 in their first match against each other. [April 2005]
2Released from WWE contract due to health reasons [August 2006]
3Set to face John Cena alongside Shawn Michaels, Carlito, Chris Masters and Kane for the WWE Championship in an Elimination Chamber Match at New Year's Revolution 2005. [December 2005]
4Is now on Impact Wrestling (TNA) and is feuding with Samoa Joe and Christian Cage.
5Defeated the Undertaker at No Way Out and defended the World Heavyweight Championship. [February 2006]
6Wrestled for the last time in WWE due to previous neck injuries. Kurt Angle vs Eddie Guerrero at Wrestlemania XX. [March 2004]
7(August 24) Defends the WWE Championship successfully against _Brock Lesnar_ at WWE SummerSlam. [August 2003]
8Will defend the World Heavyweight Championship against _Rey Mysterio_ and _Randy Orton_ in a triple threat match at Wrestlemania 22 on April 2nd on Pay-Per-View. [March 2006]
9Made a surprise appearence on SmackDown! to compete in a 20-man Battle Royal for the newly-vacated World Heavyweight Championship. He won the match by last eliminating Mark Henry to become the new World Heavyweight Champion. [January 2006]
10Defeated _Eugene_ at Summerslam and will be in a major feud with _John Cena_ for the WWE Title. [August 2005]
11Announced as the new General Manager of SmackDown. [March 2004]
12Fired by Vince McMahon as the GM of Smackdown for having fake injuries and throwing his weight around. [August 2004]
13Is scheduled to face John Cena for the WWE Championship at Unforgiven. [September 2005]
14Challenged Bret Hart to a match at a future date (possibly Wrestlemania XX at Madison Square Garden) [September 2003]
15Defeated Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania 21 when he made HBK tap out to the ankle lock. [April 2005]
16Turned heel on SmackDown! during Eddie Guerrero's title defense against his nephew, Chavo Jr. Will face Eddie for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania XX. [February 2004]
17Released from WWE [August 2006]
18Lost the title to Rey Mysterio. [April 2006]
19Has been drafted to "Raw" from "Smackdown" during this year's Draft Lottery. [June 2005]
20Lost Iron Man Match for the WWE title to Brock Lesnar 5 falls to 4 in Raleigh, North Carolina. [September 2003]
21Joined TNA Wrestling after the No Surrender PPV [September 2006]
22Will defend the World Heavyweight Championship against the _Undertaker_ at No Way Out. [February 2006]
23Succesfully defended the World Heavyweight Championship against Mark Henry at the Royal Rumble. [January 2006]
24His fight scene with Joel Edgerton in Warrior (2011) marked the second time an American professional wrestler made a cameo appearance as a silent Russian character who dominates the protagonist in a fight, only for the hero to miraculously pull off a victory. The first occasion was Kevin Nash's fight scene with Thomas Jane in The Punisher (2004).
25TNA Hall of Famer.
26Published author.
27Is one of the few Olympians to have crossed over into Hollywood.
28Former WWE Hardcore Champion.
29Has a daughter Kyra (b. December 2, 2002) and a son Kody (b. October 26, 2006).
30Previous Managers: Steve Blackman, Bob Backlund, Stephanie McMahon- Helmsley, Trish Stratus, Paul Heyman, Luther Reigns, Eric Bischoff, Daivari.
31Has stated in many interviews he will pursue an acting career after he retires from professional wrestling.
32Attended Clarion University in Clarion, Pennsylvania where he met his mentor and coach Bob Bubb. He won a pair of NCAA Heavyweight titles in 1990.
33He won a Battle Royal to become World Heavyweight Champion on the 13 January 2006 edition of WWE Smackdown.
34Angle has stated in a number of interviews that he actually burned the first offer McMahon's WWE (then the WWF) presented him with after his success in the 1996 Olympics, due to the lack of respect he had at the time for professional wrestling which he viewed as a joke that tarnished the image of amateur wrestling. After a few failed jobs, including an unsuccessful sports commentating gig at a local television station, Angle decided to pursue professional wrestling and said he not only found it incredibly challenging but also gained a new respect for the industry and its participants. However, despite numerous attempts, he has still yet to gain back the respect he lost from the freestyle amateur wrestling community.
35In 2004 served as the General Manager of Smackdown.
36Every time he cuts a promo in the ring, the fans follow up each sentence with a "WHAT?" chant, even though it's supposed to be Stone Cold Steve Austin's gimmick.
37His entrance theme, "Medal," is a slightly modified version of "The Patriot" Del Wilkes' theme. In mid-2001, fans chanted the words "You Suck!" to the beat of the music. Since then, the chants have always been part of Angle's entrance.
38In October of 2002, became one of the five superstars to hold all 5 major WWE Champsionships (Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Chris Jericho and Eddie Guerrero have also done this). Known to be Grand Slam Champions, the titles were the WWE World Championship, the World Tag Team Championships, The Intercontinental Championship and the European Championship (The European Champion is now defunct to make it limited to anyone to become a Grand Slam Champion.)
39Was the first American to win a gold medal in the 220 lb freestyle wrestling.
40Returned to the ring and defeated Eddie Guerrero at Summer Slam 2004 (15. 08. 2004) making his opponent tap to the Ankle Lock. He was defeated by Guerrero when they wrestled for the WWE Championship at Wrestle Mania XX which took place in March 2004.
41The only pro wrestler inducted into the National Wrestling Hall of Fame (in 2001).
42Notable Wrestling Title Wins Include: PPW Heavyweight title; PNW Tennessee Heavyweight title WWE Intercontinental title; WWF European title; WWF King of The Ring 2000; WWE title; WWE Hardcore title; WCW Heavyweight title; WCW United States title; WWE World Heavyweight title.
43Was thrown off a 25 foot ledge on to concrete by Big Show at WWE Smackdown! on April 15, 2004. Due to the internal and external injuries, he announced two weeks later on Smackdown (in a wheelchair) that he can no longer wrestle.
44When he first started wrestling in the WWF (now WWE), he wore all medals he'd won in Olympic competition (there were about 7 in all). After some while, he decided to wear only 2 of them.
45Former member of the wCw/ECW Alliance in 2001. He was the mole in Team wCw/ECW who caused them to lose to Team WWF at the Survivor Series 2001. He attacked fellow Alliance member "Stone Cold" Steve Austin during the main event which allowed The Rock to finish off Austin. Because of Angle's interference the WWF defeated and destroyed the wCw/ECW Alliance.
46Former WWF Euro-Continental Champion, holding both the WWF Intercontinental Title and the WWF European Title at the same time.
47WWF King of the Ring 2000. Won the tournament by defeating Rikishi in the finals.
48Became the first man to lose two titles in one night without ever losing a fall at WrestleMania 2000 in a Triple Threat match with Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho.
49No longer allowed to refer to his finishing move as the "Olympic Slam", due to the National Olympic Committee. Now calls it the "Angle Slam."
50His first WWF loss was to the late Owen Hart in a dark match.
51In July 2003 he beat then WWE champion Brock Lesnar and the 500 pound giant The Big Show in a triple threat match at the WWE pay-per-view(PPV) Vengeance to earn his fourth WWE World Championship. This is considered a great feat in that Angle recently came back from neck surgery to accomplish it.
52In August 2003 he beat The Big Show in a street fight on WWE TV Smackdown and then beat Brock Lesnar in a WWE championship match at the WWE PPV Summerslam. He is the first professional wrestler to make Brock Lesnar submit to lose a match.
53His first WWF loss was to débutant Tazz at Pay-Per-View Royal Rumble on 23rd January 2000. He was beaten by Tazz when Tazz used his submission called the Tazzmission on him
54Underwent spinal surgery on his neck in April 2003 performed by Dr Jhu. His neck problems dated back to his amateur wrestling days when he broke his neck during Olympic Tryouts. Kurt's attitude to professional wrestling and his desire to perform his best each night also did not help his injury. However Kurt shocked the WWE by wanting to get back in the ring just two weeks after his neck surgery. Fortunately the WWE Officials refused to allow him until he had medical clearance. However, this did not stop him from returning to the gym to begin working out for his comeback and actually sneaking into the ring before Smackdown tapings to take bumps (moves) to see how his neck had improved. On June 5th 2003 Kurt Angle made his return to WWE Television on Smackdown just two months after having surgery. He was orginally estimated at being out for 12-14 months.
55The first move he executed in the WWF was a Fireman Carry
56Became the first person to kick out of the 'F5' during his match with Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania XIX
57Lost the WWE title to Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania XIX. [March 2003]
58Since debuting in the WWF/WWE (Survivor Series 1999), he has wrestled every American Pay-Per-View.
59Heads the "Smackdown Your Vote" campaign.
60With Chris Benoit, won the very first WWE (Smackdown Brand) tag team championship at No Mercy, by eliminating Edge and Rey Mysterio
61Father was killed in a construction accident
62First on-screen kiss was with Stephanie McMahon, the Boss' daughter.
63After winning Gold in Olympics, had brief stint as a Sports anchor on WPGH Fox-53 Pittsburgh. The title of his segment was "The Angle on Sports".
64Originally from Dormont, a suburb of Pittsburgh
65Lost the "Hair Match" at WWE Judgement Day!
66Will be facing "Edge" in a Hair vs. Hair match at Judgement Day 2002.
67At one point, Angle considered trying out for the 2004 Olympics (freestyle wrestling) and was supposedly given a full blessing by Vince McMahon to pursue that avenue. Angle was further encouraged during an impromptu wrestling contest with Brock Lesnar before a WWE event in 2003, which he won despite the facts that Lesnar outweighed him by a considerable margin and was during his college years considered the most dominant wrestler in the NCAA. Due to a combination of factors, however, Angle ultimately decided against trying out.
68Won the gold medal at the 1996 Olympic with a not fully healed broken vertebrae in his neck.
69Graduated from Mt Lebanon High School in 1987.
70Younger brother of Eric Angle.
71Was given a WWF World Title reign after WWF owner Vince McMahon was impressed with the way he carried on with his match with Triple H at Summerslam 2000 despite suffering an unplanned (and very real) concussion after a table collapsed during a move.
72Got his first Pay-Per-View WWE Championship shot at SummerSlam 2000 on August 27, 2000. He was in a Triple Threat Match against champ The Rock and Triple H, ended up getting concussion before the bell rang after a pre-match fight with Triple H. He lost to The Rock. After the match had finished Kurt Angle returned to the ring to carry 'The Game' Triple H's wife Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley to the back.
73The year 2000 WWF King of the Ring.
74Had a tryout with the Pittsburgh Steelers in 1995, although he did not play college football.
75He was pinned in his first wrestling match. He was eight years old at the time, and got pinned by a chubby kid at the first wrestling camp he attended.
76Plays the drums.
77Has bench pressed 420 pounds and has squatted 630 pounds.
78Won the WWF Intercontinental Belt at No Way Out 2000 from Chris Jericho while still holding the WWF European Belt. He therefore became a "Euro-continental" Champion.
79Defeated Val Venis for the WWF European Title on February 10, 2000.
801996 Olympic Gold Medalist in freestyle wrestling.


1Finishing move: Angle Slam/Olympic Slam (Spinning belly-to-back suplex)
2Professional Wrestling Finishing move: Standing/grapevined Ankle Lock
3Professional Wrestling Finishing move: Super Angle Slam/Super Olympic Slam (Top rope spinning belly-to-back suplex)
4Trademark move: Bridging Belly-to-Back Suplex (1999)
5Trademark move: Crossface Chickenwing (2000)
6Trademark move: Top Rope Overhead Belly-to-Belly Suplex
7Trademark move: Overhead Belly-to-Belly Suplex
8Trademark move: Moonsault
9Trademark move: Rolling German Suplexes
10Trademark move: German Suplex
11Trademark move: Figure Four Leglock around the ringpost
12Trademark move: Body Scissors
13Trademark move: European Uppercut
14Professional Wrestling Finishing move: Angle Slam
15Trademark move: Multiple German Suplexes (a chain of 3 or more German suplexes)


1(while in Vancouver) "In Canada, you can't even have a barbecue in your backyard without being attacked by a moose or even a grizzly bar. Then again the Grizzlies don't beat anyone here in Vancouver, oh it's true, it's true."
2(To Kane): "You say you're the Big Red Machine? Well I'm the Big Red, White and Blue Machine!"





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The Shawn Michaels Story: Heartbreak and Triumph2007VideoKurt Angle
WWE: The History of the WWE Championship2006VideoKurt Angle
WWE Sunday Night Heat2005TV SeriesKurt Angle
WWE WrestleMania: The Complete Anthology, Vol. 42005VideoKurt Angle
Tombstone: The History of the Undertaker2005Video documentaryKurt Angle
WWE Velocity2005TV SeriesKurt Angle
The Rise & Fall of ECW2004Video documentaryHimself
Hard Knocks: The Chris Benoit Story2004Video documentaryKurt Angle
Mick Foley's Greatest Hits & Misses: A Life in Wrestling2004VideoKurt Angle
Rey Mysterio: 6192003Video documentaryKurt Angle
WWE Bloodbath: Wrestling's Most Incredible Steel Cage Matches2003VideoKurt Angle
WWE: Stone Cold Steve Austin - What?2002VideoKurt Angle
WWF: Action!2001VideoKurt Angle
WWF: Hardcore2001VideoKurt Angle
Divas in Hedonism2001VideoKurt Angle
Chyna Fitness: More Than Meets the Eye2000VideoKurt Angle

Is Kurt Angle's Net Worth Deserved?

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