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Lil B is a rapper and author who has a net worth of $1.5 million. Lil B brought in his net worth as a part of the hip hop group, The Pack, and with his solo performances and records. Their song “Vans” was rated as the fifth best of 2006, by Rolling Stone Magazine. Lil B was merely a teenager when he joined the group. Rappers, Too $hort and Mistah F.A.B. joined in the remix of Vans, which was part of the Skateboards 2 Scrapers release. The Pack released two records, called “Based Boys” in 2007 and “Wolfpack Party” in 2010.

LIL B Net Worth $1.5 Million Dollars

Lil B has also worked as a solo performer and released tunes and through his sites and created more than 155 pages of MySpace with 1500 tracks uploaded of his records, such as, Wonton Soup, Pretty Bitch and much more. He’s also known for his records, for example, Angels Exodus, Rain in England, I’m Gay, 6 Kiss, and Thraxx. Since his release of the album “I’m Gay” Lil B has received several death threats. Even though the name may imply that Lil B is gay, he says he’s not, and that he’s simply happy.

According to Lil B, this record was to try and help bring people together and instruct them to accept each other for who they are. He believes there are more than enough rap songs portraying hate, violence and the possible lack of esteem for women. He needed to express the positives rather than the negatives in life, with the hopes that people may perhaps try to comprehend and respect each other, rather than judging them. This rapper from Berkeley, California, was born in 1989, and started his career at the age of 16.




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