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The Prince Harry lookalike majored in geology and works as an environmental adviser despite portrayals producers revealing Hicks in a ditch with a spade to make him look like he’s a blue collar laborer. Hicks lives with 3 housemates and enjoys to play cricket on the weekends with his buddies. The lookalike continues to be told he resembled Prince Harry since he was 17 and failed to believe much of it until a friend told him he could make money as a look alike which prompted Hicks to produce a straightforward profile on-line.

Matt Hick Net Worth $15 Thousand Dollars

For his part in the show he’s in fact pretending to be Prince Harry and had to visit Harry school to learn about the royals history, heritage, and avocations to correctly, err inaccurately, response questions the female questions may have so that you can lead them to reason on their own that Hicks is actually Prince Harry. During Harry school he’s also instructed the best way to ride a horse, shoot a firearm, etc. During the show Hicks never says that he’s actually Prince Harry leading among the 12 young ladies in a preview clip to note, Harry? Harry Potter? Who Cares? The contestants from America all do their best to gain the affections of the mystery guy. Producers went all out setting the show at the regal Englefield House in Berkshire. The show is really created by Ryan Seacrest and ZigZag productions. Many have challenged the ethics of directing a girl on but Hicks says everyone understands what they’re registering for and its all in great fun. Hicks asserts which he has worked as a lookalike ability and booked shows before working with this show, saying how many requests he gets undoubtedly increases when Harry is in the news more.


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Visual Effects

Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets2017visual effects photographer post-production
Mad Max: Fury Road2015visual effects photographer
Lucy2014/Ivisual effects photographer
La belle et la bête2014visual effects photographer: 4DMax
World War Z2013visual effects photographer - uncredited
Jack the Giant Slayer2013visual effects plate photography
Dark Shadows2012visual effects photographer
Shanghai2010visual effects artist - as Matthew Hicks
The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian2008visual effects
10,000 BC2008on-set supervisor: MPC - uncredited
Fred Claus2007CG supervisor: MPC
14082007visual effects supervisor: MPC
Man cheng jin dai huang jin jia2006CG artist: opening title animation
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory2005CG supervisor: MPC
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban2004lead rigger: MPC
Ella Enchanted2004lead character rigger
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets2002technical supervisor: MPC

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