Paul Stanley Net Worth

Paul Stanley, real name Paul Harvey Eisen, is an American musician, guitarist, songwriter, vocalist and painter. The group was formed in 1973 and obtained visibility at the center of decade. What brought the crowd and media’s focus were elaborative, bizarre performances that featured blood spitting, fire breathing, pyrotechnics, levitating drum kits and smoking guitars. Paul Stanley net worth now amounts to $125 million. Where are these bundles coming from?

Paul Stanley Net Worth $125 Million Dollars

According to some estimates, during the last three decades the group spread over 40 million albums in America and another 60 million records in the remaining world.

Paul graduated in the High School of Music & Art and not went to school. As is convincingly demonstrated by the present Paul Stanley net worth, having less schooling failed to hamper his professional career. Neither did his physical flaws: it’s a little known fact that Stanley was born with a deformed pinna and can not hear a matter with his right ear. Before the creation of Kiss, Paul played with several unsuccessful groups, like Rainbow, Post War Baby Boom and Uncle Joe. Still a teen, Paul joined the group Wicked Lester, were he played alongside Gene Simmons.

For people that have not heard much relating to this guy, Gene is another member of Kiss, vocalist, bass guitarist, music producer and songwriter. His bundle nearly triples Paul Stanley net worth: Gene possesses capital and assets appraised at $300 million. Wicked Lester disbanded after several years, but Simmons and Stanley stayed collectively. Their advertisements in papers resulted in Ace Frehley and Peter Criss joining the group. The four men decided to name themselves Kiss.

The group’s debut record premiered in 1974. Kiss reached even greater commercial success with their DVD record Alive! During the next few years the group released three Platinum records: Rock and Roll Over, Destroyer and Love Gun. Following this breakthrough, Paul Stanley net worth never quit growing.

Is Paul Stanley's Net Worth Deserved?

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