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It’s made by Leftfield Pictures. The show is filmed in Vegas, Nevada. The show is really on the basis of the chronicles of the daily life tasks at the World renowned Gold & Silver store. This Gold and Silver Pawn shop is a 24 hour family business that has been started in the year 1989. The breakthrough performance of the artist make it more intriguing and the show is well-known globally. The show can be viewed online on The source of the show was at United States. The show is entirely in English. Total of 7 seasons are released till now which has total of 254 episodes.el. With a salary of approximately $300-500,000 per season, “Pawn Stars” is also the most profitable show on the History Channel, bringing about $3 million profit per episode.

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The shoe depicts the narrative of the store and the interaction between its customers. The staff of the store bring all of the artifacts to sell pieces and discussing matters of the historic background. The show got 7.4 evaluations on the IMDb site. Pawn stars reveal started by Leftfield Pictures by Brent Montgomery and Colby Gaines. Brent got the idea from a pawn shop situated at less than two miles from your Las Vegas. Brent got this notion during a visit in 2008 in town. Brent believed these stores might give them great narrative to depict so they picked a family-run store. This Gold and Silver store has around 12,000 things to show on July 2011. Brent used classic and classic things to reveal that they got lots of assessments. They use five to six things in each episode and the staff members of the store used to describe the history of the item. The show depicts the social clashes between the staff members- Rick, Old man, Corey and Coreys youth buddy. He’s the son of the Old Man, Richard and the daddy of the Big Hoss Corey. He’s also the co founder/co-holder of the Pawn shop. He’s also known by his nick name The spotter due to his sharp eyes to value those items. Rick co-founded the store in addition to his dad and is into the company in the age of 13and the dad at the age of 23. His favourite area of study is British Navy as he was an enthusiastic reader since his youth. The Pawn series is among the greatest evaluation show , and it has brought numerous audience towards it. It’s won various prizes for the storyline and the impressive performance of the staff members. The National Pawnbrokers Association in the year 2010, given Rick Harrison and another staff members of the store for bringing the pawn shop an improved acknowledgement on the TV and to make an improved picture. The Old Man contributed $1,000 dollars to the Clark County Heritage Museum. There are around 4.7 million spectators all around the world.

Hyperion Books released the autobiography of Rick Harrison On June 2011 named Permit to Pawn: Deals, Bargains, and My Life at the Gold and Silver. The autobiography shows the life of Rick, his youth and the problems before getting into the company of the Pawn. He’s the cofounder of the store and is the father of Rick and grandpa of Corey. Richard was born on March 4, 1941. He’s known by his nick name Old Man. He’s enthusiastic about the cars and is a 20-year veteran of the U.S Navy. Corey Big Hoss Harrison: He’s a Ricks son and the Richards grandson. He began working at the store at an extremely early age i.e. nine. He shines the jewelry at the shop. He could be dressed by Rick to become supervisor one day and is now the supervisor of the operations of the store. Austin Chumlee Russell: He’s the Coreys youth buddy. He usually analyze the things, load these in the store and writing the record which customers bought in the store. He’s called the village idiot as he’s understood to have less wisdom and incompetence. Russell afterwards formed his own firm witch sells the novelty items and the T-shirts. Later Russell sold that business to Harrison for $5,000 in the year 2010 so that the store could goods correctly.

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