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Richest People In Scotland 2012 – Sunday Times Rich List

The Sunday Situations Rich List 2012 is normally published by Philip Beresford, the best authority on British prosperity. The list is founded on identifiable wealth, land, residence, other assets such as for example artwork and racehorses, or significant shares in publicly quoted businesses, and will not include the profit their lender accounts, meaning the real degree of their wealth could possibly be also higher. Scotland’s richest people got richer during the last year, with an archive number of billionaires. You can find even more Scots among Britain’s wealthiest people than previously, with 74 signing up for the ranks in the 2012 list, in comparison to 70 the previous calendar year. 1. Mahdi al-Tajir, Essential oil / Metals / Drinking water – £1,600m2. The Grant and Gordon family members, Spirits – £1,400m3. Alastair Salvesen and family members, Transport / Plant hire – £1,300m4. Sir Ian Wood and family members, Oil services / Angling – £1,187m5. Jim McColl, Engineering – £1,000m6. Lord Laidlaw, Conferences – £745m7. The Thomson family members, Media – £700m8. Sir Brian Souter and Ann Gloag, Transportation – £665m9. Joanne Rowling, Novels, Movies – £560m10. The Duke of Sutherland, Property / Art – £525m11. Sir Arnold Clark and family members, Car sales – £467m12. Ian Suttie, Essential oil – £450m13. Philip Day, Fashion – £300m14. Roger Jenkins, Financing – £272m15. Brian Kennedy, Kitchens, Windows – £250m16. Costs Paterson, Engineering providers – £235m17= Harry Dobson, Mining / Essential oil – £200m17= James and Fitriani Hay, Essential oil / Horseracing – £200m19= The Duke of Buccleuch and family members, Land, Art – £180m19= Graham Wylie, Software program – £180m21. Tony and Christina Quinn, Family pet food – £174m22. John Lynch and family members, Construction – £165m23= Eric Herd and family members, Frozen food – £160m23= Colin and Chris Weir, Lottery – £160m25. Ian Taylor, Commodities / Fashion – £155m26. Willie Haughey and family members, Refrigeration – £152m27= Sir Angus Grossart and family members, Finance – £150m27= Walter Scott, Financing – £150m29. Ian MacKechnie and family, Financing – £146m30= Tom and Linda Cross, Essential oil services – £140m30= Stewart Milne and family members, Construction – £140m32. Douglas Craig and family members, Oil services / Angling – £138m33. Sir Tom Farmer, Residence / Car parts – £136m34. Sir Richard George and family, Meals – £135m35. Derek Mickel and family, Structure – £134m36. Lennie and Iain McGeoch, Retailing – £132m37. Alexander and Alan Turner, Sector – £130m38= Robin Barr and family, Beverages £125m38= Alasdair Locke, Oil services – £125m40. Norman Springford and family, Hotels – £124m41. Audrey Baxter and family, Food – £122m42= Michael Freeman, Essential oil services – £120m42= Hugh Irvine and family members, Cheese – £120m42= John Ray, Offshore providers – £120m45. Joe Walker and family members, Biscuits – £115m46= The Marquess of Bute, Land / Art – £110m46= Tommy Dreelan and family, Oil providers – £110m46= Aaron and Tania Hillman and family members, Spirits – £110m49. Roy MacGregor and family members, Energy services – £106m50. Tom and Alan Fergusson, Fuel distribution – £105m51. Johannes de Gier, Hedge fund – £103m52. The Duke of Roxburghe, Property – £100m53= Alan and Ronnie Bartlett, Vegetables – £97m53= Sir John Mactaggart and family members, Property – £97m55. Larry Kinch, Oil providers – £96m56= John Muir and family, Structure – £95m56= Dick Watson and family, Structure – £95m58. Steven Ferguson, Gas services / Essential oil services – £94m59. Bruce Walker and family members, Construction – £93m60= Colin Cornes, Waste providers / Mining – £90m60= James Milne and family members, Engineering – £90m60= Robert Wiseman and family members, Milk – £90m63= Duncan Bannatyne, Resorts / Fitness clubs – £85m63= The Macdonald family members, Spirits – £85m63= Sir Fraser and Gordon Morrison, Construction – £85m63= Lord Tanlaw and family, Engineering – £85m67= Robert Adair, Essential oil / Property / Gas – £80m67= Alexander Buchan and family, Transport / Angling – £80m67= Sandy Bulloch and family, Beverages – £80m67= Sir Sean Connery, Movies – £80m67= Bob Kidd, Oil services – £80m72. Douglas Recreation area and family, Car product sales / Transport – £78m73= Mark Deere, Software program – £72m73= Hamid Guedroudj, Software – £72m75= Gordon Bonnyman, Financing – £70m75= Keith Miller and family, Structure – £70m77. Sandy Nairn, Finance – £69m78= The Earl of Rosebery, Land / Artwork – £67m78= Alastair Wylie, Construction – £67m80= Ian Grabiner, Retailing – £65m80= Tag Knopfler, Music – £65m80= Michael Loggie, Essential oil services – £65m83. Graeme Speirs, Offshore providers – £63m84= Pete Cashmore, Internet – £60m84= Afzal and Akmal Khushi, Clothing – £60m84= David Moulsdale, Opticians – £60m87= The Earl of Inchcape, Property / Investment – £59m87= Joan Scott-Adie and family members, Food distribution – £59m89= John Dodd, Financing – £58m89= Michael Walker and family members, Timber – £58m91= Malcolm Allan and family members, Construction – £55m91= Fred Duncan, Meals – £55m91= James and Robert McNeil, House furnishing / Property – £55m91= John and James Pirrie, Generators – £55m95= Duncan Fletcher and family, Construction – £54m95= Charles Ritchie, Engineering – £54m95= Tag Tyndall, Finance – £54m98= John Campbell and family, Food – £52m98= Kevin Doyle, Hospitality / Expenditure £52m98= Dario Franchitti and Ashley Judd, Movies, Motor racing – £52m98= Ian Galloway and family, Meat – £52m [Source: The Sunday Instances 2012 UK Rich List]

Is Richest People In Scotland 2012 – Sunday Times Rich List

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Richest People In Scotland 2012 – Sunday Times Rich List tags