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Rita isn’t just branching out to the music arena but she’ll be playing the character of Mia Grey in the film fifty shades of gray which is due to release in the summer of 2015. She initially auditioned for singing the movie soundtrack but they enjoyed her so much on place that they requested her to return to play a character for the film.

Rita Ora Net Worth $2 Million Dollars

Rita’s pay in the film is so far anybody’s guess
Weight: 55 Kg or 121 pounds
Measurement : 34-25-35
Partner: In accordance with the net buzz, Rita Ora is dating with Calvin Harris.

The rumours that she possesses her own chain of eateries called the “Fat Ora Burger” was only a fat lie also. Rita is also one of the newest generation of artists who believe in being technology savvy and business minded, that is the reason she gives for her enormous net worth, gossips say that she’s an intelligent investor and does lots of research before getting an cash down.

Her boyfriend Calvin Harris gifted Rita a bran new Mercedes automobile yet the fact is she do not have the riding expertise. Rita hasn’t come from an affluent background, she’s had her share of issues with cash but as her career kicked into gear everything transformed. Rita can also be regarded as a party girl , and it has caused a disturbance(read as bash) on several occasion, so much so that she was allegedly asked to vacate the flats she was staying in back in 2011. But stuff was starting to opportunity for the star as she bought her first house in 2013, the sole trouble was she did not get to see it because of her tight program and the tour she was on. But this house was a present to Rita’s family and she says they actually adore and value it.

Quick Facts

Birth date: November 26, 1990
Birth place: Priština
Height:5 ft 5 in (1.66 m)
Weight:121 lbs (55 kg)
Profession:Singer-songwriter, Actor, Singer, Songwriter
Education:Sylvia Young Theatre School, St Charles Catholic Sixth Form College, Body on Me, I Will Never Let You Down, Poison
Nationality:United Kingdom
Parents:Vera Sahatçiu, Besnik Sahatçiu
Siblings:Elena Ora, Don Ora, Body on Me, I Will Never Let You Down, Poison
Awards:Glamour Award for TV Personality, Bambi - International Music, Glamour Award for Solo Artist, Body on Me, I Will Never Let You Down, Poison
Nominations:MTV Europe Music Award for Best Look, MTV Europe Music Award for Best Push Artist, World Music Award for World’s Best Video, MTV Europe Music Award for Best World Stage Performance, Brit Award for British Single, MTV Europe Music Award for Best Video, Brit Award for British Breakthrough Act, MTV Europe Music Award for Best New Act, World Music Award for World’s Best Live Act, Brit Award for British Video, MTV Europe Music Award for Best UK & Ireland Act, World Music Award for World’s Best Song, World Music Award for World’s Best Entertainer of the Year, Billboard Music Award for Top Rap Song, BET Award for Best International Act: UK, World Music Award for World’s Best Female Artist, Young Hollywood Award for Style Icon, Teen Choice Award for Choice Music: Breakout Artist, Young Hollywood Award for Breakout Artist, MuchMusic Video Award for Most Buzzworthy International Artist or Group, Bravo Otto - Sexy Babe, Body on Me, I Will Never Let You Down, Poison
Movies:Fifty Shades Freed, Fifty Shades Darker, Southpaw, Fifty Shades of Grey, Spivs, Girl, You Better Walk
TV shows:The Xtra Factor, America's Next Top Model, The Voice UK

Interesting Facts

1Her 2016 video for Tezenis, The Silk Code, is the title of a novel that won the Locus Award for Best First Science Fiction Novel of 1999.
2Counts Gwen Stefani as a major influence in terms of demeanor, and her band No Doubt's "Don't Speak" (1996) as one of her favorite songs.
3Her father Besnik was a pub owner and she started her singing performances from the same pub.
4Ranked #73 on Maxim's "Hot 100" of 2014 list.
5(November 18, 2013) Rushed to the Miami hospital after she collapsed and was diagnosed and treated for heat exhaustion and dehydration.


1Red lipstick
2Blonde hair


1I have a few properties, some in the U.K., some in the States, some in Kosovo. It's a nice little empire - I'm trying to create something so my family can be all right.
2Some people may look at you almost like a fantasy at times, you know; some people don't think you're real. Because people forget that celebrities are humans too, sometimes.
3A steamer is like an inhaler, so you can inhale this oil or frankincense or eucalyptus. Before I go onstage, I spend half an hour taking in that steam, and it saves my life!
4I don't know how 'X Factor' works. I was only there as a guest judge for a day. But I watched 'The Voice' a lot; I respected how it came across on TV, and I love the freedom we get as coaches to do what we want.
5Glamour's always special to me; they gave me one of my first U.K. covers, and I was so excited when I found out I got a cover for it, so, I always, always have a special place in my heart for 'Glamour.
6I'm like a dude. Jordans are my favorite. I wear them all the time for shows. I can get girly-girly when I want to, but I can't perform in heels. I would bust my face open on stage, and we don't want that.
7In this industry, all the heads of labels are men, but every artist has to prove themselves, regardless of their sex. I have always been very vocal about the women sticking together.
8I used to do ballet all the time, and I do this ballet workout: it is an amazing thing called Barrecore. It is like pulsing. It turns your legs into, like, jelly, and you feel like a Bambi; you lose so much control over your body because you're pulsing so much.
9I've been going to Bicester Village since I was young. My mum and dad really loved that place, and I always used to stock up on clothes. I love the fact that it supports great British designers.
10I think the good thing about Macklemore is that he is very precise about what he gets involved in. As you can tell, he's very passionate about what he puts his name on, because he talks about things people don't usually talk about, and his concepts are very, very passionate.
11You should communicate with your other one. Understanding what they are on about is pretty key.
12Conquering America for a U.K. artist is incredible because that's what everybody wants and dreams about. The accomplishment is dominating a market which you aren't familiar with.
13You have to take care of your body.
14I'm really excited to be chosen as a VEVO LIFT artist. It's a great opportunity to reach millions more music fans with my sound and let them see the real Rita.
15You know what a wifey means? It's like your other half. Like when you get married, like, that's your wife!
16Without my music, no doors would have opened, so I am forever grateful, and I am always going to be singing. But yeah, when the other doors open, why not walk through?
17It was so much fun working with Rimmel. We're inspired by many of the same things: fashion, color, sounds, style, life in general, and London in particular.
18My dad wanted me to go down a more academic route. He is very much about sticking to the rule book and sticking to the blueprint of a successful career.
19When I was younger, I did my first audition at 'Eurovision.' I was about 17. After my first audition, I blacked out; I was just like, 'I can't do this.' I'm not knocking it or anything - it's been around for years. I'm just very, very happy I made that decision myself. I think that's one of the best decisions I've ever made.
20When you're involved with someone for a while, and they decided to express their feelings to the public - that's not my personal way of therapy, but I guess everyone takes split-ups differently.
21To me, I have my friends who I've known my whole life, and I can count them on one hand. They're people I went to school with, my mum's friends' daughters. You know?
22Women love an honest man. An honest man that isn't afraid to say, 'Men get hurt too.' And a lot of men don't admit that.
23You always have to sacrifice something when you want to achieve something.
24When your time comes, you need to grab it with both hands.
25When you perform, you can convey emotions differently, and your look can reflect each of those emotions.
26You have to come to terms with loving your body.
27There was a point in school when I was, like, thirteen, that I didn't feel comfortable at all.
28Streetwear for me is what I was raised wearing in London, and my style influences growing up were always people who wore streetwear.
29There are bigger queens of the selfie, but I'm up there.
30The album is never finished until it's on the shelves!
31The worst thing is when a guy just looks awkward. It's not attractive.
32To me, British fashion has a story. It has history, and I feel it's very much about our culture.
33What I'll remember about New York is growing up really fast.
34Twitter... can ruin your life.
35When I perform, I usually wear wigs because I love them.
36When I was a kid, I'd spray paint my hair, cut clothes up.
37My childhood was great, my family was great. I wasn't in a mansion, but we made it work.
38Nothing comfortable is worth wearing to the Met Ball.
39My dad took on every job he could get. He worked like mad. But then, at some point, he had saved up enough to open his first pub.
40My mum and my dad are the sweetest couple.
41My first tour sold out in Glasgow, and they were one of the loudest. I couldn't hear myself.
42One time I tried to use the bathroom in the dark, and I missed the toilet, and I fell on the floor.
43Social media is so influential now.
44People like Prince don't have to care about anything, but they care because they want music for the future to be great.
45People always ask me: 'Do you have black in you? Do you have Spanish in you?'
46Sometimes I see people writing the most ridiculous things about me.
47I'd love to be the female Kanye. I think he's so cool and effortless.
48I watched 'Kill Bill,' like, three times.
49I wouldn't want to do an average fashion line. I'd want it to be an amazing piece of art.
50I'd love to do a whole soundtrack to a movie.
51I was completely shocked that Prince would even know my name.
52I used to wait in line for Jordans. That's how much of a freak I was.
53I think that if you've got a great support system around you, and a great family, and a tight team around you, I think you don't get lost.
54I think people take the word 'feminist' really seriously, and I think people are scared to use that word.
55I think music will thrive where it wants to.
56I try to do one thing a day that makes me proud of myself.
57My beauty icons - and this sounds cheesy - have a beauty that comes from inside.
58Listen, sharing my life with people is just part of my daily routine.
59It took me a while to understand that I do have a voice, and I can use it to help people.
60It was my dad's idea to change my name from Sahatciu to Ora. He said it would be easier to pronounce.
61Kerastase and Bed Head have really good products.
62If I can help one person, why wouldn't I?
63If you really want something, you'll make it work.
64If I could live in a cabaret, I would. If I could live in 'Moulin Rouge,' I would.
65I've loved music. It was my first everything, but fashion and clothes is just the next step.
66I'm too busy for relationships.
67I'm basically just a normal girl from West London who speaks from her heart and who loves music.
68I'm a huge Bruce Springsteen and Duran Duran fan.
69I'm a real goof-ball deep down. It's always been my thing to make people like me.
70I'm just very good at pretending.
71I'm the weirdest person.
72I speak fluent Kosovan.
73I mix my fragrances with body oils - I love body oils, so that's my little trick.
74I think it's a big deal to have a great soundtrack for a movie.
75I never knew how small L.A. was until I started to work here.
76I love the idea of being part of a campaign that captures the spirit of New York and the stories of women here, passionate about their dreams.
77I like to call myself a 360-degree artist. I'm a musician, but I have other things I do, too.
78I love how you can look different, and it changes your mood.
79I just love pretty things, whether it is art, a song or a pair of shoes.
80I love how music and fashion are so similar. We need each other.
81I love my pop music.
82I am normally the manly-ish girl on the planet.
83Fashion is this obsessive narrative that people don't understand but they can't stop looking at.
84Growing up in London was the best.
85Gwen Stefani's style and flow I just love. She is so cool to me!
86Everyone wants a love song you can dance to.
87I don't want people to think that someone gives me something to wear, and I'll put it on.
88I can't cook.
89I don't ever use dancers, and when I do, it's literally, like, four break dancers.
90I don't vocalise things that don't deserve attention.
91I don't really remember much about Kosovo. I only remember growing up in London, where my parents had to basically start from scratch.
92I get so nervous, I get belly pains before I go on stage.
93I got obsessed with makeup and makeup artists when I was young, with people like Kevyn Aucoin.
94I have 20 wigs at home that I play with.
95I feel like I'm a character already, as in, like, I love dressing up.
96I end up doing selfies 'cause I am so sad.
97Anytime I go on Twitter, there's always the good but the bad as well.
98When people come to my shows, they're like, 'I can't believe you can actually freaking sing!'
99The music industry is very small.
100American Apparel does great colourful basics that you can customise.
101Being a Mum is a big job.
102Daphne Guinness was amazingly comfortable in her skin, and she has an amazing collection in fashion that I wish I could just touch.
103Chanel is my ultimate weakness.
104Every girl, without fail, loves to look at a sexy picture of herself.
105Between sixteen and eighteen, I was singing anywhere I could, in bars or down at the pub.
106Beyonce is this massive star, but she's incredibly humble. But it's weird because even though I love her, she's my boss's wife.
107I just wanted to be an artist. I didn't care how or what; I just wanted to express my artistic integrity, and I wanted the world to have a vision of what I was seeing in my mind.
108To save your own hair, wigs are literally the way forward.
109I was in Boots buying contact lens solution, and my mobile went off. It was Jay-Z's partner at Roc Nation asking me what I was up to. He asked if I'd been to America, and I said, 'No.' Then he said, 'I'm putting you on a flight to New York tomorrow.'
110Unfortunately, being a brand is really important nowadays.
111The first album I bought was the Spice Girls, ha ha.
112I will always love red lips.
113I am committed to glamour.
114I love getting dressed up and glamorous for the red carpet. It makes me feel powerful and sexy!
115I don't think I could do a reality show, no.
116I always remember smelling Chanel No. 5 at home - my mum used to literally pour it, and she rocked it.
117I just want to be in a relationship.
118I really have paid my dues. When I get to stay in fancy hotel suites these days, I remind myself of that.
119I dyed my hair blonde when I was 14. My mom was not happy. But I love being blonde.
120A music video is so different to doing a movie.
121You can be forgotten very quickly. So I am aware that I need to stay current, keep connecting, and keep bringing things to the table... Otherwise, you can just disappear.
122The best thing Jay-Z ever taught me was patience.
123Music expresses - you express yourself with music.
124It's a terrible feeling being lonely.
125One day I will settle down, when I have achieved everything I wanted.
126I'm very spontaneous. I go with my gut.
127I was always getting told off by my choir teacher for, you know, riffing when I shouldn't.
128I'm scared of a lot of things.
129'Roc The Life' is a song I wrote with The Dream, who made 'Umbrella,' 'Single Ladies' and loads more.
130I was always that girl who loved music and thought of music as an escape route.
131I love masculine cuts with suits and chunky jewellery. My hair is so glam, it balances it out, and it's comfy!
132I'm not going to have a baby until I'm around 30-something.
133Jessie J is a great, great girl. I'm a friend and have always been a fan of hers. I'm happy to see her doing her thing.
134I love the Scottish accent; it is very sexy.
135It's nice to always make an effort when you get photographed.
136I don't really have that many judgements on things, or crazy statements that I feel like I have to put across.
137I don't know what it feels like not to have a great family support system - I was lucky to have that.
138I admire Rihanna.
139I don't feel like myself without the red lip. I feel like I'm taking a risk or something without it.
140Roc Nation is such an incredible, unique team, especially in the music industry. Everyone genuinely loves and cares about each other.
141I literally touched down in Kosovo and the president, prime minister and mayor were waiting for me to get off the plane. Apparently that's unheard of. They don't wait for nobody.
142I love eating at my dad's pub, the Queens Arms in Kilburn. It does a traditional Albanian spinach pie.
143For me, a fragrance is another way of leaving an impression on somebody.
144A New Yorker is anyone who has the guts to really live in the city.
145When it comes down to the music, it's just you and the microphone. It's not you and the record execs.
146I don't know what flirting is, really. Sometimes in women, friendliness comes across as flirting. That is not what it is.
147The public's not stupid.
148You can tell an honest artist from one who's just given all their songs.
149I'm very private.
150Madonna, Michael Jackson, Tina Turner, Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe - they were myths of greatness.
151I've always been into looking different.
152I have had young fascinations but never love.
153Before every show, I have to put perfume on. I know the crowd's not necessarily going to smell me, but when I smell good, I feel like I can dominate the room.
154I was signed at 18 and had to grow up quickly.
155If I'm not working and getting my makeup done, that's my chance to do a hair mask and a face mask and my plucking and waxing and all of that.
156I think I've always been fine on stage - though I get nervous beforehand. But once I'm on stage, all of that goes out of the window.
157I don't get jealous - I get suspicious.
158To me, it doesn't matter who you are or where you're from - if you're a good person and you got my back, I got yours.
159Eyebrows are really important because they structure the face. In school it was funny because I was always the one walking around with tweezers plucking my girlfriends' eyebrows. I was really good; eyebrow tweezing runs in my family - my mother used to do mine, and I picked it up.
160I'm a massive fragrance fan - I think fragrance is part of someone's hygiene, and I'm a big believer in leaving an impression through scent.
161I have always liked the contrast between being blonde and having dark features.
162Clothes are fun. The designers have so much fun making them, you should have fun wearing them, too.
163Every person has a signature. Just some people don't know it yet.
164Know yourself; keep your circle tight. Keep your friends and your work circle tight.
165Women love an honest man.
166I'm most scared of failing, of disappointing people.
167All I can do is take influences from where I was raised.
168I really admire people who have long-distance relationships. It's an incredible achievement. I couldn't do it.
169I walked into this industry blond with red lips, and I will leave this industry blond with red lips. Mark my words.
170I never think too hard about a look. When you consider an outfit too much, that's when it goes wrong.


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Won Awards

Won awards

Won awards

YearAwardCeremonyNominationMovieAward shared with
2015BambiBambi AwardsPop - International

Nominated Awards

Nominated awards

Nominated awards

YearAwardCeremonyNominationMovieAward shared with
2015Black ReelBlack Reel AwardsOutstanding Original SongBeyond the Lights (2014)· Diane Warren (writer)
2015World Soundtrack AwardWorld Soundtrack AwardsBest Original Song Written Directly for a FilmBeyond the Lights (2014)· Diane Warren (music and lyrics by)
2014Young Hollywood AwardYoung Hollywood AwardsBreakout Music Artist
2014Young Hollywood AwardYoung Hollywood AwardsYou're So Fancy




Fifty Shades Darker2017performer: "Kiss Me"
The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon2014-2016TV Series performer - 2 episodes
The Voice2016TV Series performer - 1 episode
Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse2015performer: "BLACK WIDOW"
The Women's Football Show2015TV Series performer - 1 episode
Radio 1's Big Weekend Norwich 20152015TV Mini-Series performer - 2 episodes
Late Night with Seth Meyers2015TV Series performer - 1 episode
Empire2015TV Series performer - 1 episode
Face the Fans2015TV Series performer - 1 episode
The 87th Annual Academy Awards2015TV Special performer: "Grateful"
Todd's Pop Song Reviews2015TV Series documentary performer - 1 episode
iHeart Radio Jingle Ball Concert Special 20142014TV Special performer: "Black Widow"
Red Band Society2014TV Series performer - 1 episode
Dancing with the Stars2014TV Series 1 episode
Saturday Night Live2014TV Series performer - 1 episode
Super 62014TV Series performer - 2 episodes
21 Totally Brilliant Brit Stars2014TV Movie performer: "Never Let You Down"
Beyond the Lights2014performer: "Grateful"
2014 MTV Video Music Awards2014TV Special performer: "Black Widow"
The Voice Kids2014TV Series performer - 1 episode
Guapas2014TV Series performer - 1 episode
21 Hottest Girls in Pop Right Now2014TV Movie performer: "I Will Never Let You Down"
Britain's Got Talent2013TV Series performer - 1 episode
The Voice UK2013TV Series performer - 1 episode
902102013TV Series 1 episode
The X Factor2012TV Series performer - 4 episodes
Late Show with David Letterman2012TV Series performer - 1 episode
The X Factor2012TV Series performer - 1 episode
This Morning2012TV Series performer - 1 episode
T4 on the Beach2012TV Special performer: "Hot Right Now", "R.I.P."
Formula 1: BBC Sport2012TV Series performer - 1 episode



Fifty Shades Freed2018post-productionMia Grey
Fifty Shades Darker2017Mia Grey
Southpaw2015Maria Escobar
Empire2015TV SeriesRita Ora
Fifty Shades of Grey2015Mia Grey
Girl, You Better Walk2014Short
Iggy Azalea: Black Widow2014Video shortBlack Widow
Furious 62013Race Caller (uncredited)
902102013TV SeriesRita Ora
The Brief2004TV SeriesJaclyn Livermore

Music Department

Music Department

The 87th Annual Academy Awards2015TV Special featuring



Chris Brown: Welcome to My Life2016Documentary post-productionHerself
America's Next Top Model2016-2017TV SeriesHerself - Host & Judge
Today2016-2017TV SeriesHerself / Herself - Guest
Live with Kelly and Michael2016-2017TV SeriesHerself - Guest Co-Hostess / Herself - Guest
Access Hollywood2016-2017TV SeriesHerself
Extra2015-2016TV SeriesHerself
Entertainment Tonight2016TV SeriesHerself
The Wendy Williams Show2016TV SeriesHerself
Access Hollywood Live2016TV SeriesHerself
Late Night with Seth Meyers2015-2016TV SeriesHerself / Herself - Musical Guest
The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon2014-2016TV SeriesHerself / Herself - Musical Guest
I Get That a Lot2015TV SeriesHerself
The Big Fat Quiz of the Year2015TV SpecialHerself
The X Factor2012-2015TV SeriesHerself - Judge / Herself - Guest Judge / Herself - Special Guest
Bambi Verleihung 20152015TV MovieHerself - Performer
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Jimmy Kimmel Live!2012-2015TV SeriesHerself - Musical Guest / Herself
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Punk'd2015TV SeriesHerself
2015 MTV Video Music Awards2015TV SpecialHerself - Presenter
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Radio 1's Big Weekend Norwich 20152015TV Mini-SeriesHerself - Performer / Herself - Performer & Interviewee
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The Voice UK2015TV SeriesHerself - Coach
The Insider2015TV SeriesHerself
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National Television Awards2015TV SpecialHerself
iHeart Radio Jingle Ball Concert Special 20142014TV SpecialHerself
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Archive Footage

Archive Footage

Live with Kelly and Michael2016TV SeriesHerself
Entertainment Tonight2015-2016TV SeriesHerself
Up Late with Rylan2016TV SeriesHerself - concert footage
Extra2015TV SeriesHerself
Face the Fans2015TV SeriesHerself
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21 Totally Brilliant Brit Stars2014TV MovieHerself
21 Hottest Girls in Pop Right Now2014TV MovieHerself

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