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Robert Kiyosaki net worth is
$80 Million

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It’s been estimated that Robert Kiyosaki internet worth reaches a sum of 80 million bucks. He is mainly referred to as an author, yet, he’s involved into a number of other tasks, also. Robert Kiyosaki is called a motivational speaker, business man, investor, entrepreneur and pilot, which all put in plenty of revenues to the general sum of Robert Kiyosaki internet worth. An entrepreneur, investor, writer, and motivational speaker, Robert Kiyosaki is most commonly acknowledged as the writer of the fifteen publications that compose the “Wealthy Dad, Poor Dad” set. The novels have offered 26 million copies, together with spawning several spinoff items including applications, games, and audiobooks.

Robert Kiyosaki Net Worth $80 Million

Robert Kiyosaki is usually credited with being an author of the favorite publications set called “Rich Dad-Poor Dad”, which provide a great deal of monetary success to Robert Kiyosaki internet worth. Furthermore, his net worth is raised from several other substances, which are introduced underneath the Rich Dad brand. In general, 15 publications of the author have now been released. 26 million copies of them have now been sold, which added a great deal of revenues to his internet worth and raised it by way of a mile.

Initially, Robert Kiyosaki released his publications by himself, but after he signed a deal with Warner Publications, which is a section of Hachette Book Group USA. The most recent publications of Robert Kiyosaki have all imprint of the Wealthy Dad Press. Three of Robert Kiyosaki publications have now been in the record of the best-sellers in the New York Times, USA Today along with the Wsj at once. These publications contain “Rich Dad-Poor Dad”, “Rich Dad’s Information to Investing” and “Rich Dad’s Cash-Flow Quadrant”.

Therefore, as the names of the publications suggest, Robert Kiyosaki’s novels are about determination and inspiration. In 2001, the publication of the author titled “Rich Child Smart Kid” was a guidebook to parents to instruct them the way to describe financial concepts for their children.

As a god-fearing worldwide financial literacy supporter, Kiyosaki is a staunch advocate of entrepreneurship, enterprise instruction, investing, which complete financial literacy theories must be educated in schools all over the world. Kiyosaki additionally runs his own website and keeps a monthly column on Yahoo Finance currently talking about his newest ideas on globe financial markets, investing, company, international economics, and personal-finance.

His first best seller is Wealthy Dad, Bad Dad. The publication is an effort to alter the attitude of the common worker. Robert Kiyosaki discusses his “bad dad”, his genuine father, who was the Superintendent of the Hawaii State Dept of Training but had really little genuine net worth, together with his “rich dad” who was his companion’s dad. Based on Kiyosaki, his wealthy father became really wealthy by investing his smaller gains into income-generating investments, and became really wealthy in thus doing.

Robert Kiyosaki is an adviser in entrepreneurship, investing and company instruction. Furthermore, he considers the theories related to these worlds should be described and instructed to children who are attending college and that special programs associated with the aforementioned theories must be taught in every college in the whole world.

Robert Kiyosaki has his own website where he posts everyday and has his own column in, where he composes in the area of financing and where he discusses his ideas about world-wide investing, market, company and personal finance direction. Thus, his advices are being valued all around the globe, besides the high-sales of his novels, which bring substantial monetary success to the overall amount of Robert Kiyosaki internet worth.

Quick Facts

Birth date: April 8, 1947
Birth place: Hilo, Hawaii, United States
Profession:Writer, Author, Businessperson, Investor, Entrepreneur, Motivational speaker, Pilot
Education:United States Merchant Marine Academy
Nationality:United States of America
Spouse:Kim Kiyosaki (m. 1984)
Parents:Ralph H. Kiyosaki, Marjorie O. Kiyosaki

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