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The Rothschild family is also known as The Rothschild’s. Rothschild is a family descending from Mayer Amschel Rothschild, who is the founder of Rothschild Family Banking Dynasty. One should definitely know about the Rothschild family as they were the people who had the power in their finger tips they could break the war or make the war. They were one of the reasons for the creation of Napoleon wars. They were the powerful family on this earth and every royal family were under their hands in the banking and financing sector.

Rothschilds Family Net Worth $500 Billion Dollars

They are also providing high amounts of loans and investments to the government and British’s. The ancestry of Rothschild dates back to 1577 to Izaak Elchanan Rothschild and his family members and grandchildren’s took his name and kept it as family name. Mayor Amschel Rothschild, the founder of Rothschild’s Dynasty comes from a family where his father had a business is currency exchanging and gods-trading, and he was a personal coins supplier to the Europeans royal dynasty, the Prince of Hesse. Mayer Amschel secured apprenticeship under Jacob Wolf Oppenheimer, at Simon Wolf Oppenheimer, in Hanover, 1757. Rothschild learned banking, business, and foreign trade from the grandson of Samuel Oppenheimer. After that he became the dealer of coins and achieved success in his business. He gained the title of Court factor in 1769. Rothchiclds coin business started increasing to a level of including Princely patrons like expanding his business of con supply to the Wilhelm IV, Landgrave of Hessel Kessel in 1785.His business also expanded rapidly following the French revolution and also started handling payments from Britain’s to hire Hessian Mercenaries. After that Napoleon started invading Hesse and because of which the landgrave went in to the exile of the Dutch in Holstein. But Rothschild continued his banking business in London. He also profited through importing goods for Napoleon’s continental blockade.

Mayer Amschel Rothschild married Tuttle Shaper in 1753. They had 5 daughters and 5 sons. As the daughters got married so they don’t hold the family’s name as Rothschild. So his five sons who are the descendants of the Rothschild family became the cause of the formation of Rothschild Dynasty. When Mayer Rothschild sent his five sons to different regions in the world to extend their trading business and spread in the entire world. In 1798 the third son of Rothschild Nathan Mayer Rothschild was sent to England to extend their family textile importing business with the capital of £ 20,000. In 1811, Nathan Mayer Rothschild established in London, the first banking service named N M Rothschild and sons banking and Finance company. And that’s how the banking company expanded its services by spreading it to different parts of the world and established The Rothschild Dynasty where Mayer Rothschild entered into a partnership agreement with his 4 sons and developed five more banking branches like Rothschild banking family of England, Rothschild Banking family of Austria, Rothschild Banking family of Paris, Rothschild banking family of Naples, and Rothschild banking family of Frankfurt. Nathan Mayer was financing to the British’s and used to trade billions to Duke of Wellingtons in Europe and issuing loans to the government of Prussia and supply enough coin to the bank of England. Later the family lost many of its wealth in world wars and violence. But any how they regained their capacity through their banking business which is expanded to different places. In 20th century Nazi’s seized the Rothschild’s wealth in Austria after which the Rothschild family started making investments through not only banking business but also many other operations like offering government securities, companies, railway, iron working, oil and metallurgical investments.

Today the Rothschild’s 7th generation is running the Rothschild business and company. This business of banking and finance is spread over all in the world through their sons, grand children’s and their children’s and many more. Rothschild’s family is one of the richest families on the earth; their wealth and assets are estimated to be more than $700 trillion. They earned wealth by supplying gold Bullion’s to Wellington and many Royal monarchs like British monarch, Napoleons and all the kings and queens who ruled the Roman Empire and British Empire during 17th century to 20th century. This Royal families secret gold vault in their undeground house which contains millions of tons of Gold. Even today the Rothschilds control gold tradng around the whole world the most popular countris which buys gold is China and India. Rothschilds acquired the African Kimberley Diamond mines in the year 1887 and the Rothschilds own this company now and renamed it to De Beers. This diamond mining company is still owned by rothschilds from more than 100 years. Rothschilds are even shareholders of coal mining company of Bumi. British government approached N & M Rothschild & sons as Financial support for 3G mobile phone licensing.

This house is owned by Rothschild family from 18th century situated at Waddesdon village in Buckinghamshire. This building is worth £2 million and it took 3 years to construct this house and by 1880 it was completed. In 1957 this house was donated to charity and the last person to owns this house in the Rothschild family is James De Rothschild. And today it’s taken by Jacob Rothschild, 4th Baron. Today this mansion is used for royal wedding purpose, providing accommodation and conference meetings etc. Weddesdon manor occupies about 6000 acres of land. At the entrance gate of the Weddesdon manor a royal hotel named Five Arrows which belongs to the Rothschild family and the arrows represents the five sons of the Rothschild family who went in different directions of the world to develop their business and establishing banking and finance companies in the different pars of the world. The Weddesdon manor and the grounds belong to the Rothschild family and today it is being handled by the Rothschild 4th Baron, Jacob Rothschild and National trust.

Schillersdof Castle is situated in a village named Schillersdof in Marovian region of Czech Republic at the border of Poland. It was acquired by the Rothschild family in 1846 by Solomon Mayer Von Rothschild. Schloss Hinterleiten Castle is located in Hinterleiten, lower Austrian municipality of Reichenau An Der Rax. The construction cost of the castle takes 2 million guilders. Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild. Its is a French sea side villa located at Saint – Jean –Capp-Ferrat on the French Riveria. The Villa was constructed in between 1905 to 1912 by Baroness Beatrice Rothschild.

Palais Albert Rothschild one of the five palatial house built in the Streets of Old Palais Albert house in Vienna which is present today. Old Palais Albert Rothschild Palce larger than other palais palaces built in the same street but it was destroyed during Napolean wars. One of the small house collection in vienna caled as Palais rothschild which is present today. It is one of the huge belonging to the Rothschild family of Austrian branch, this castle is situated at the city of Vienna.

Montvillargenne House in Picardy, France. In 1911 Jeanne De Rothschild the daughter of Edward James De Rothschild built this castle. Later when the Lady Jeanne died the castle was abondoned for 10 years and it was occupied by Germans during world war II. After the war Sisters of the Sacred heart of Jesus arrived into the home and from 1985 this castle was made as one of the Luxury Hotel even today it serves as hotel only. Montvillargenne is todays one of luxurious Hotel.

Gruneburg Park was one of the largest Family house in Franfurt district of Westland. Unfortunately this huge mansion didn’t survive after the World war II Bomb attacks. Today the gardens of the mansion is made as parks and donated to different causes and some part is made hotels and cafes and reamining serves as university. Villa Pignetalli in Naples which is now a Museum of Naples. Mentmore Towers is one of the many Rothschild Mansions in Buckinghamshire. Chateau is a French mansion built in between 1855 and 1859 by Baron James Rothschild. Certain scene in the movies like The Polanski and Ninth Gate(2000) and the TV series relic Hunter was filmed at this castle.The Mansion Design is inspired from Mentmore Towers. Kasteel De Haar built around 1892 which i s located near Harzuilens, in th eprovince of utrecht in the Netherlands. Spencer House is a mansion in St.James’s London, it was previously owned by John, 1st Earl Spencer in London during 1756. Later the house was auctioned and purchased by RIT capital partners, the family company Lord Rothschild. RIT is the British Investment Trust owned by the Rothschilds.

Gunnersbury Park is a Large Mansion in London.It was purchased by Nathan Mayer Orthschild in 1835. After his death the rothschild family started acquiring the surrounding area of the Gunnersbury park made the gardens and parks out of the remaining area which is now used by public. A portion of 200 acres of the estate was sold toActon Borough Council for 130,000 pounds. There is also a musem inside the estate. Ascott House is located in Hamlet of Ascott in Wing near Buckinghamshire, England. The mansion occupies around 3,200 acres. Hotel Salmon De Rothschild is the former residence of Salmon De Rothschild who dies in 1922 this mansion presently serves as the hotel and education site for social and and cultural activities. Exbury house, Exbury Church and Gardens was built by Rothschild family in 1827. The Rothschilds still hold some properties in this Exbury village area. The family began to develop the most expensive champaign brand named Baron De Rothschild naturally in the vineyards, and with the clear vision of house style. Rothschilds have the wine making estates from over 150 years they are the souveneirs in wine making field.Below are the list of wine making estates which belongs to Rothschilds family. They have so many wine making estates i.e uncountable brands and estates which couldn’t be reasearched in one day as they have estates with diffrent names where Chateau is the Key name which is encraved on all the wines. These wnes are among the most expensive wines in the world. This royal wine makers earn around $1.3 millions for every 6-8 months.

Rothschild’s are one of the richest families on Earth. Rothschilds family net worth is more than Bill Gates Net Worth their wealth is not listed in any magazine because they are the one who maintain secret connecton with government and private buisness activities, they own wealth which could serve each and every living being on theirs planet and still they remain richest. They own nearly 1500 companies spread all over the world they own almost half of the wealth on the earth. But their wealth and assets are never been published or listed among the wealthiest families of the world. They own the gold production company from their 16th century. Even now they trade gold to different place in the world they also own many other companies and earn through various businesses like wine making company, financing etc. Rothschilds own many mansions, castles, houses, industries and companies other than banking and finance companies, their wealth cannot be counted in a day or month.

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