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Scott Baio, complete name Scott Vincent James Baio is an effective television director and performer from America. He’s best known as Chachi Archola, among the stars on the situation comedy Happy Days and the protagonist of spinoff show Joanie Loves Chachi. Scott is also broadly recognized as the principal character n Charles in Charge and the popular musical Bugsy Malone. Additionally, Baio has described Dr. Jack Stewart in Diagnosis: Murder, which ran from 1993 to 2001.

Scott Baio Net Worth $35 Million Dollars

Scott was born in NY, in a family of Rose and Mario Baio. His mom was a homemaker, while his dad worked as a supervisor. The professional career, which eventually fostered Scott Baio net worth to millions of dollars, began when he was a sixteen-year old. In 1976 the future millionaire began in a musical gangster movie Bugsy Malone, describing a broke boxing advocate. While filming because of this musical Scott met a future Hollywood diva, Judie Foster. For the interesting ones, Jodie, the star of such award winning films as The Silence of Lambs and Taxi Driver, is significantly more affluent than her former film associate. Jodie’s fortune surpasses Scott Bio net worth by more than $95 million. The film was a great critical success and garnered 15 nominations, like Golden Globe for the Best Motion Picture (Musical/Comedy), Academy Award to find the greatest Authentic Tune score and Golden Palm.

The show was canceled after 17 episodes, but the gifted performer was shortly presented with another job offer. In 1984 he began starring in the sitcom Charles in Charge. During the following decade Scott has appeared in numerous television projects, including Alice in Wonderland, Out of this World and Baby Talk.

Since the year 2000 Baio turned to independent films. In 2001 he appeared in Tony Vitale’s comedy Really Mean Guy, impersonating Paulie Mineti. He’s also credited as the co-producer of the film. A bit later Baio featured in a love story picture The Bread, My Beloved and portrayed himself in the picture Cursed. Although these films failed to make a significant contribution to Scott Baio net worth increase, they were spiritually rewarding.

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