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Sir Elton John, name itself include respectable word, Sir which is enough to show the image of this eminent personality. He is well established singer, composer, pianist and an actor too. He signed up 30 albums till today and has highly increased success graph. Born on 25th March, 1947, Elton was raised in Pinner. Since childhood, he has been fond of music, but his father used to keep his morale down and want him to pursue his career in banking. He introduced himself as a piano because of the support he got from his mother and joined Bluesology band to furnish his skills.

Sir Elton John Net Worth $355 Million Dollars

He, along with music is deeply concerned with AIDS charities and also made many donations. In 1992, he established his own AIDS foundation which is basically used to run programs for AIDS prevention and social services. He was awarded by Queen Elizabeth II in 1988 because of his deeds. He is fully addicted to alcohol, drugs and cocaine. He loves photography and has great collectibles of all the photographs that he clicked throughout his life.

Elton John owns a royal apartment in Guidecca Island, Venice. It is situated in South of Venice and lies along the opposite side of the canal. The apartment is located on 1.2 mile long island that is behind of Venetian Sestiere. The royal apartment has well spacious rooms and bathrooms. This apartment possesses scenic view of the water all around. It is situated near to the Marco Polo apartment and has rich neighbors around. Elton John also owns a villa in Holland Park, London. This villa is located in a wealthy and reputed area. The area it occupies is known for Victorian townhouses, shopping lanes and restaurants. The villa is specially designed to give a look of Victorian architecture and possess its interior of that era. The villa is adorned with unique collectibles and furniture. The collectibles of this villa are put on sale in an auction in 1992 after he decided to leave that villa. As it is in well posh area, so various celebrities are residing near to their place. He earned about $1.4 million from that sale. Elton, along with his partner David constructed and owns an apartment in Los Angeles, French Riviera Villa. The apartment is situated in Sierra Tower, West Hollywood in Los Angeles. It was constructed in 1965. It was also known as Spoon Apartment Building. The apartment gives Elton a whole city view from its balcony and adorned with various antique collectibles such as Vintage Glass etc. Its interior was designed by Martyn Lawrence-Bullard. It has several well furnished rooms in which his master bedroom consists of neon installed and platinum leaf furniture on its ceiling. The house now worth $3.5 million, which is on sale. As we know Sir Elton John belongs to a royal family. So here comes another proof for it. He also owns one of the most luxurious apartments in Windsor Castle in UK. The apartment covers an area of about 37 acres and is built in Anne-style. It is more popular than that of Queen Elizabeth palace. As Elton always believed his all estates to be well occupied and well maintained so this apartment consist of white flower scented garden, tennis court for him, terrace in roman architecture and also has a secret garden. As this was the most luxurious apartment so all the partied and events related to his foundation are carried out. As his partner David and Elton owns so many lavish apartments all around the globe so here is the other property that this duo owns in Beverly Hills in 1996. The property, worth about $7.5 million. The mansion is located in Trousdale Estates. It is also designed and constructed by Paul Trousdale. The mansion consists of three well spacious rooms and bathroom. It also covers an area for pool, gym and lounge. The flooring is done with white-oak.

In 1993 Sir Elton John bought a thrilling car of Jaguar model i.e. Jaguar XJ220. It is worth about $324,290. The car possesses a speed of 213 mph. In 1973 Elton was the owner of Rolls-Royce Phantom VI, which is of black color. It has several amazing features such as 36-speaker stereo system, high vintage glasses worth $151,780 etc. This lavish automobile he owned was enough to give a royal image. In 1956 he bought a car which was launched in the market few days back only that is Bentley S1 Continental which was of silver color and possessed features such high capacity engine and high torque speed. It costs him $270,491. He also owns a red Ferrari Testarossa, which was gifted to Elton on the occasion of his 40th birthday by the record company he was working for a while living in the United States. Audi R8 was considered to be the lucky charm for Sir Elton John. As he bought this car he earned a profit of $ 855,422 from his foundation named Elton John AIDS Foundation. This money helped him to give life saving medicines and support to thousands of people in the country. It was polished with shiny silver color.

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