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Sir Mix-a-Lot net worth is
$20 Million

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Sir Mix-a-Lot is an American MC and producer with a net worth of $20 million. This record has additionally featured a hit single Posse on Broadway, whose name referred to some road in Seattle’s Capitol Hill district. His extremely major break came with the 1992 record “Mack Daddy” which featured the chart topping single “Baby Got Back”. Sir Mix even won a Grammy for the best Rap Solo Performance by virtue of the tune. Sir Mix’s popularity decreased on the next years. His next few records received almost no label promotion and weren’t even certified Gold.

Sir Mix-a-Lot Net Worth $20 Million Dollars

Nevertheless, they did not end up releasing anything formally. In 2003, Sir Mix-a-Lot signed with all the independent Artist Direct label for his 2003 record Daddy’s Home. In a 2014 interview, Sir Mix was inquired just how much cash “Baby Got Back” has made over time. Here is Mix’s precise answer: “Baby Got Back” has formed lots of cash bro. I mean because, I consider, to begin with, why possess your publishing in the event you’re not willing to leverage it? The rationale you own publishing is because as you get on in your career, it is still possible to monetize those tracks, #1, and #2, you may continue to record music with ethics. So in other words, I will enter the studio, and that I’m doing a fresh record now, and that i really could give a shit less who purchases it! Since I make money off my publishing… So that is the extravagance you get from owning your publishing and, moreover, using it correctly. So ya, Baby Got Back, tens of millions I believe could be low… It is undoubtedly made over $100 million dollars.”

So does that mean Sir Mix-a lot made $100 million off his most well-known single? Yes. But remember that royalties flow by means of several owners and rights holders. The manner royalties break down, even if Combination did possess the master as well as the tune created $100 million in gross revenue, Combination’s take from that will be $23 million AT BEST. At worst, it will be around $8 million. And both those amounts are before fees are paid to representatives, supervisors, attorneys, and creation/promotion. Eventually, it also needs to be taken into account that Baby Got Back is constructed off a sample in the tune “Technicolor” from the group “Channel One”, so they’ll undoubtedly be getting a generous get of all royalties.

I reached out to a contact who works in the music publishing company who supported the amounts we posted in the last paragraph are within the ball park of the very likely scenario. My contact explained that “Mix’s label, Universal Music Group (UMG), likely possesses the master which may give them the right to many record’s revenue. All three options are improbable. Not impossible but improbable. But considering what Blend indicated because interview, he likely divides 50/50 with UMG for management on the publishing. Assuming the $100 million amount is really exact, PERHAPS he is made $40 million AT MOST off that one tune.”

To get a rough comparison of what Sir Mix may have made off “Baby Got Back”, we are able to consider the tune “Every Breath You Take” by law enforcement. Sting composed and owns the first track individually from his band mates. In 1997, Puff Daddy tried Every Breath for his Notorious BIG tribute track “I will be Missing You”. Sadly for Diddy, no one from Bad Boy Records believed to procure Sting’s permission to try the 1983 pop song for the updated 1997 remix. By forgetting to ask permission prior to the song premiered, Sting could demand and receive 100% of the remix’s printing royalties. To this very day, he brings in an estimated $2000 per day in royalties in the track.

Quick Facts

Birth date: August 12, 1963
Birth place: Seattle, Washington, United States
Height:5 ft 10 in (1.8 m)
Profession:Record producer, Songwriter, Rapper, Actor, Musician, Master of Ceremonies
Education:Roosevelt High School
Nationality:United States of America
Awards:Grammy Award for Best Rap Solo Performance, American Music Award for Favorite Rap/Hip-Hop Artist, Baby Got Back, Posse' on Broadway, My Hooptie
Nominations:MTV Video Music Award for Best Rap Video, Grammy Award for Best Music Film, Billboard Music Award for Top Hot 100 Song, MTV Video Music Award for Best Art Direction, MTV Video Music Award for Best Direction, Soul Train Music Award for Best R&B/Soul Single, Male, Baby Got Back, Posse' on Broadway, My Hooptie
Movies:, The Watcher, Meet Wally Sparks, more
TV shows:The Watcher, 100 Most Shocking Music Moments, 100 Greatest One Hit Wonders of the 80s, Black in the 80s, The Great Debate

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