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Lu Xiangyang Net Worth

Lu Xiangyang Net Worth: Now functioning as the Vice Chairman of BYD, among the biggest privately managed automakers in China, Lu Xiangyang got the bulk of his wealth through his shrewd investments in the automobile industry. Besides being leader in the automobile industry, BYD is additionally among the largest makers …

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John Petrucci Net Worth

John Petrucci is an Italian-American musician and composer with a net worth of $3.2 million dollars. Produced in 1967 on Long Island, NY, John Petrucci started playing guitar when he was eight years of age, but immediately quit. Petrucci became the group’s producer, working on their records from 1999 until …

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Blaine Gabbert Net Worth

Blaine Gabbert can be an American football player which includes around net worth of $3.2 million. Blaine Gabbert started playing soccer when he was their studies at Parkway West SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL. He was called as U.S. Army All-America honors in 2007.

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