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Johnathan Hillstrand net worth

Jonathan Hillstrand is an Alaskan commercial fishing boat captain with a net worth of $2.2 million. Jon Hillstrand has brought in his net worth as co-captain and co-owner, (along along with his brothers) of the crab fishing vessel the Time Bandit which is seen in the Discovery Channel reality show,Deadliest …

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Captain Sig Hansen Net Worth

Captain Sig Hansen is a Captain in the Northwestern fishing vessel and reality television star with a net worth of $3 million. Captain Sig Hansen rolled up his net worth as the through his profession as Captain of a fishing vessel, writer of a bestselling novel, private TV appearances. Sigurd …

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Sig Hansen Net Worth

  “The best captains bring home the catch, boat and crew safely” – Sig Hansen. Sig Hansen was born on April 28, 1966 in Seattle, Washington, USA. Sig Hansen’s full name was Sigurd Jonny “Sig” Hansen. He is an American Captain of the fishing vessel Northwestern. He also serves as …

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