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Betty Ford Net Worth

Late former first lady Betty Ford had an estimated net worth of roughly $20 million before she passed away in the summertime of 2011. But more important her net worth, Ford had an enormous influence in the culture of dependency in the United States, supporting innumerable people to get help …

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Ben Stein Net Worth

Ben Stein is a famous man in amusement and politics. He’s called an actor including a commentator on political problems and these two engagements happen to be functioning as important sources of Ben Stein net worth, which continues to be declared to now be as high as 20 million dollars. …

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George H.W. Bush Net Worth

Bush was taken into Yale University but postponed his entry enlisting in the Navy after the strike on Pearl Harbor. When bush returned in the war he entered Yale on an accelerated program concluding within an impressive 2.5 years. While in school he played in the first two College World …

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