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Samsung Net Worth

I lately wanted to purchase a new tv for my living room but wasn’t truly certain of which brand to go for. I therefore made a decision to learn more about the marketplace before creating a final decision. After investigating the electronic world outside, I understood that Samsung has attained …

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Barkhad Abdi Net Worth

Maybe you have saw ‘Captain Philips’? See this amazing film to understand Barkhad Abdi — the flexible Somali-American performer, who’s at present remaining in United States of America. The year 2013 had his introduction movie but it opened the floodgate of felicitations and awards for him. Because of this film, …

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WhatsApp Net Worth

WhatsApp Messenger or WhatsApp as we normally understand it’s an essential part of our life now with nearly all the smart phone users trying out this smart program that changed the messaging scenario on the planet. WhatsApp is a cross platform instant messaging subscription service that uses web and cellular …

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