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Torrie Wilson net worth is
$5 Million

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Torrie Wilson is the beautiful diva belonging to the ring of WWE (previously known as WWF). She’s the sizzling diva who wants to create her life more appealing by thinking something out of Pandora box of branding. Weight: 60 kg or 133 pounds. Measurement: 36-25-36. She’s still in the limelight along with her sizzling look in the magazine and yoga videos.

Torrie Wilson Net Worth $18 Million Dollars

Automotive: She’s the woman who enjoys to be surrounded with all the gear that’s attractiveness within it and complement her persona. She’s a latest set of auto belong to various brand such as Audi, Lamborhgini, Mercedes, etc. are accessible in her garage that’s the lodging of 3 automobiles to fit in it at a specific instant.

House: Torrie possesses a lovely villa in the posh place of California that’s referred to as the star world called as la. Here she’s encircled with a lot of the star at the same time as it’s recognized to be most posh place of UK. The home is spread in broader space that big enough in the money-making kitchen and open 3 set of bedroom and toilets. The home is even bestowed with all the green lane and parking garages making it seem lavish and best to reside in.

Torrie is the woman who paved her course with success in the wrestling world along with in her modelling profession. Now, she’s a retired wrestling professional who was regarded as a pleasant surprise to the crowd with the entrance in the ring. And, torrie was in rumor in the modelling world along with her sizzling bikini appearance in the cover page of the favorite magazine, Playboy. This helped her to succeed in commercial basis with the signing quantity of the sanction which was considerably full of the most popular star range. That’s left torrie an collected sum more than $18 million.

Quick Facts

Birth date: July 24, 1975
Birth place: Boise, Idaho, United States
Height:1.73 m
Weight:60 kg
Profession:Model, Actress, Professional Wrestler
Education:Boise State University
Spouse:Billy Kidman
Parents:Al Wilson
Movies:Precious Cargo
TV shows:I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!, WWE Velocity, WCW WorldWide, WCW Monday Nitro, WCW Thunder, Saturday Night's Main Event, WWE Heat

Interesting Facts

1Released from WWE. [May 2008]
2Will compete against Candice Michelle at Wrestlemania 22 in a Playboy Pillow Fight. [April 2006]
3Lost to Melina in a Bra and Panties match at The Great American Bash 2005 (Candice Michelle as the special guest referee). [July 2005]
4Was traded to RAW with Candice Michelle to take on the 2005 Raw Diva Search Winner Ashley Massaro. [August 2005]
5Broke up with Carlito Cool [May 2007]
6was on the winning end of a Playboy evening gown match with Sable against Miss Jackie and Stacy Kiebler at Wrestlemania XX [March 2004]
7Feuding with Smackdown Diva Victoria [July 2007]
8Current manager of fellow wrestler Carlito Cool [January 2007]
9Has been drafted to Smackdown Brand [June 2007]
10Was released from the WWE due to injuries and unable to continue to wrestle. [May 2008]
11Is set to team up with Victoria and go against Trish Stratus and Ashley Massaro at Unforgiven [September 2005]
12Her favorite movie is Meet the Parents.
13Owns a clothing store in Houston, Texas, called "Jaded".
14Wilson debuted in WCW as the mysterious Samantha.
15Wrestlers she has managed: Billy Kidman, Shane Douglas, Kevin Nash, David Flair, Tajiri, Konnan, Billy Gunn, Victoria, Candice Michelle, Rey Mysterio Jr, Rob Van Dam, Chuck Palumbo, Stacy Keibler.
16Is best friends with Lisa Marie Varon AKA fellow WWE Diva Victoria.
17Daughter of Al Wilson.
18Appeared nude in the May 2003 issue of Playboy magazine.
19Torrie Wilson & Peter Gruner lived in Florida,during their marriage.
20Married to Peter Gruner (a.k.a. Billy Kidman)
21Won the Ms. Galaxy Nova Championship "physique" title in 1998.
22Student at Boise State University before joining WCW.
23Weight training led to gold when she won the Ms. Galaxy Florida competition
24Frequented the cover of Ironman Magazine.
25Left the country life to become a fitness model.
26Grew up in a farm in Boise, Idaho.


1Trademark move: Vertical Suplex
2Trademark move: Full-Swing Slap
3Trademark move: Flying Clothesline
4Trademark move: Swinging Neckbreaker
5Trademark move: Dropkick
6Trademark move: Spring-board Back Elbow
7Trademark move: School Girl
8Trademark move: Tornado DDT
9Trademark move: DDT
10Finishing move: Nosejob (Sit-Down Facebuster)
11Finisher: Nose Job
12Tends to wrestle in her bare feet
13Now carries a puppy poodle in the ring named Chloe


1This sounds really lame, but I'm pretty proud of my feet. I've gotten so many compliments for having nice feet. If someone has a foot fetish, I'd have an in. I love foot rubs, too. I'll take one whenever I can.





Precious Cargo2016Vanessa
Wrestlers Rescue2008VideoTorrie Wilson
The Great American Bash2005TV MovieTorrie Wilson
WWE Confidential2003TV SeriesTorrie Wilson
WWE Global Warning Tour: Melbourne2002VideoTorrie Wilson
WWE Jakked2001TV SeriesTorrie Wilson
Invasion2001TV MovieTorrie Wilson
WCW Sin2001TV MovieTorrie Wilson
WCW Mayhem2000TV MovieTorrie Wilson
WCW Monday Nitro1999-2000TV SeriesTorrie Wilson
WCW Thunder2000TV SeriesTorrie Wilson
WCW Bash at the Beach2000TV MovieTorrie Wilson
WCW The Great American Bash2000TV MovieTorrie Wilson
WCW Spring Stampede2000TV MovieTorrie Wilson
WCW Uncensored2000TV MovieTorrie Wilson
WCW SuperBrawl 20002000TV MovieTorrie Wilson
WCW Mayhem1999TV MovieTorrie Wilson
WCW Bash at the Beach1999TV MovieTorrie Wilson
Baywatch1999TV SeriesGalaxy Girl Competitor



WrestleMania XXVIII2012TV SpecialTorrie Wilson
Reality Obsessed2011TV SeriesHerself
I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!2009TV SeriesHerself
The 25th Anniversary of WrestleMania2009TV SpecialTorrie Wilson
WWE Hall of Fame 20092009TV SpecialHerself
Project Runway2007-2008TV SeriesHerself
WWE Raw2001-2007TV SeriesTorrie Wilson
WWE Smackdown!2001-2007TV SeriesTorrie Wilson
Survivor Series2007TV SpecialTorrie Wilson
WWE Cyber Sunday2007TV SpecialTorrie Wilson
Summerslam2007TV SpecialTorrie Wilson
WWE Saturday Night's Main Event2006-2007TV SeriesTorrie Wilson
WWE Draft Special2007TV SpecialTorrie Wilson
WrestleMania 232007TV SpecialTorrie Wilson
WWE Hall of Fame 20072007TV SpecialHerself
TRL Italy2007TV SeriesHerself
WWE No Way Out2007TV SpecialTorrie Wilson
WWE New Year's Revolution2007TV SpecialTorrie Wilson
WWE Cyber Sunday2006TV SpecialTorrie Wilson
WWE Sunday Night Heat2001-2006TV SeriesTorrie Wilson
Summerslam2006TV SpecialTorrie Wilson
E.C.W.2006TV SeriesHerself
WrestleMania 222006TV SpecialTorrie Wilson
WWE Hall of Fame 20062006TV SpecialHerself
WWE Divas Do New York2006Video documentaryHerself
WWE Royal Rumble2006TV SpecialTorrie Wilson
WWE New Year's Revolution2006TV SpecialTorrie Wilson
WWE Tough Enough Download2005Video documentaryHerself
WWE A.M. Raw2005TV SeriesHerself (2005-)
WWE Unforgiven2005TV SpecialTorrie Wilson
Summerslam2005TV SpecialTorrie Wilson
WWE Velocity2005TV SeriesTorrie Wilson
WWE Viva Las Divas2005Video documentaryTorrie Wilson
WrestleMania 212005TV SpecialTorrie Wilson
WWE Hall of Fame 20052005Video documentaryHerself
WWE No Way Out2005TV SpecialTorrie Wilson
WWE Royal Rumble2005TV SpecialTorrie Wilson
WWE Tribute to the Troops2004TV SpecialTorrie Wilson
WWE Armageddon2004TV SpecialTorrie Wilson
WWE Great American Bash2004TV SpecialTorrie Wilson
WWE Judgment Day2004TV SpecialTorrie Wilson
John Cena: Word Life2004Video documentaryHerself
WrestleMania XX2004TV SpecialTorrie Wilson
10 Things Every Guy Should Experience2004TV Series documentaryHerself
WWE No Way Out2004TV SpecialTorrie Wilson
WWE Divas: South of the Border2004Video documentaryHerself
Rey Mysterio: 6192003Video documentaryHerself
RI:SE2003TV SeriesHerself
WWE Vengeance2003TV SpecialTorrie Wilson
WWE Divas: Desert Heat2003Video documentaryHerself
WWE Judgment Day2003TV SpecialTorrie Wilson
WWE Backlash2003TV SpecialTorrie Wilson
WrestleMania XIX2003TV SpecialTorrie Wilson
Girls Gone Wild: Live from Spring Break2003VideoHerself
Before They Were WWE Superstars 22003Video documentaryTorrie Wilson
Royal Rumble2003TV SpecialTorrie Wilson
WWE: Trish Stratus - 100% Stratusfaction2003Video documentaryHerself
WWE Armageddon2002TV SpecialTorrie Wilson
WWE Rebellion2002TV SpecialTorrie Wilson
WWE No Mercy2002TV SpecialTorrie Wilson
SM:TV Live2002TV SeriesHerself
WWE Vengeance2002TV SpecialTorrie Wilson
WWE Divas: Undressed2002TV Special documentaryHerself
WWF Backlash2002TV SpecialTorrie Wilson
WWF Divas: Tropical Pleasure2002Video documentaryHerself
WWF Divas: Sex on the Beach2002TV Special documentaryHerself (as Torrie)
WWE: Byte This!2001TV SeriesHerself
Survivor Series2001TV SpecialTorrie Wilson
WWF Rebellion2001TV SpecialTorrie Wilson
WWF No Mercy2001TV SpecialTorrie Wilson
WWF Unforgiven2001TV SpecialTorrie Wilson
WWF Excess2001TV SeriesHerself
WCW Halloween Havoc2000TV SpecialTorrie Wilson
World Championship Wrestling: New Blood Rising2000TV SpecialTorrie Wilson
WCW Slamboree2000TV SpecialTorrie Wilson
WWE Metal1998TV SeriesHerself (2001-2002)

Archive Footage

Archive Footage

WWE: Greatest Stars of the New Millenium2011VideoTorrie Wilson
The Big Show: A Giant's World2011VideoTorrie Wilson
Ricky Steamboat: The Life Story of the Dragon2010VideoTorrie Wilson
WWE Summerslam: The Complete Anthology, Vol. 42008Torrie Wilson
WWE Royal Rumble: The Complete Anthology, Vol. 42008VideoTorrie Wilson
WWE: John Cena - My Life2007VideoTorrie Wilson
The World's Greatest Wrestling Managers2006VideoTorrie Wilson
WWE WrestleMania: The Complete Anthology, Vol. 42005VideoTorrie Wilson
WWE Velocity2005TV SeriesTorrie Wilson
WWE $250,000 Raw Diva Search2005VideoTorrie Wilson (uncredited)
WWE Armageddon2003TV SpecialTorrie Wilson
WWE Smackdown!2003TV SeriesHerself
WCW Superstar Series: Sting - Back in Black1999Video documentaryTorrie Wilson
WCW Thunder1999TV SeriesHerself

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